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'n gerechtje uit de bloemen eet.collectiewith the works and projects of studio de culinaire werkplaats marjolein and eric inspire people to re-think in a very playful way the future and the dinner plate of the future in particular.

the dinnerplate of the future.

  • marjolein and eric are creating a perspective on ‘the dinnerplate of the future‘. on which, they believe, will be for the meat & fish component a less dominant space available.
  • this implies that on tomorrow’s dinnerplate there will be more space available for new ingredients, combinations, textures, tastes, and… even new ways of eating.

inspirational themes.

  • they discover new possibilities in a structured way by using regularly changing inspirational concepts (contextual themes) like black, memories or flowers, which are guiding their creative perspective on foods, the act of eating and life.
  • this adventure they like to share with the world in an open and informal setting. so at certain days they open the doors of their studio for guests and is it possible to book for a so-called eat’inspiration.
  • the themes function result in dishes, in food products, edible installations or eating experiences like the edible interpretations of 3 paintings by van gogh commissioned by the van gogh museum for museums at night in 2014.
  • some favourite and regularly returning themes: water, time, landscapes & architecture, fashion, and dutch design.


  • black. black was the first inspirational theme which marjolein and eric presented to the public (september 2008). since then the couple is still collecting natural black vegetal ingredients. until now they collected about 89. in every eat’inspiration you will find some black ingredients. black is also their connection with the fashion, design and art scene.
  • motto: food equals fashion  what you eat and what you wear reveals something about your identity. this motto connects the couple and their work to the fashion industry. therefore studio de culinaire werkplaats is twice a year downtown location during amsterdam fashion week with a conceptual menu inspired by food = fashion and some conceptual installations that reflect their view on sustainable fashion. most of their food = fashion projects question the temporality of fashion and clothing, and alluding to the fragility of the ecosystem.
  • emotion.bread is a contemporary re-interpretation of the concept of celebration breads and is a concept by marjolein wintjes. she only creates breads when commissioned and for very personal emotional moments in someone’s life.

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eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef