low salt press lunch @ world kidney day 2016

here a video impression of the press lunch we hosted for nierstichting nederland (read: dutch kidney foundation).

we were very pleased to receive an invitation by nierstichting to create and host a low salt 3 course press lunch. 

the nierstichting has invited a selection of bloggers and journalists on world kidney day 2016 to draw attention to the fact that most people are eating too much salt, about 1 kg on a yearly base too much. this is very harmful for your kidneys.

furthermore, nierstichting used this press lunch to launch ‘de zoutmeter’ (the salt meter), a handy tool that helps you to determine in a blink how much salt your meal contains.  

the briefing.

  • low salt has a negative association, most people think immediately in terms of ‘tasteless’
  • create a tasting for the invited press to find out which bites contain salt or no salt
  • create a 3 course lunch with adding salt to showcase that low salt can be tasteful
  • make recipes of the lunch dishes for 4 persons

lunch + tasting

  • tasting.
    • 5 preparations of potato (purée, baked, crisps, fried fries and boiled).
    • we choose the vitelotte noir, a black potato with a great deep purple inside and a nutty taste, to be the star of this tasting.
  • lunch.  in stead of salt we used in all the courses
    • some ingredients that have umami (the fifth taste)
    • a lot of fresh herbs and spices
    • and we paid attention to create various textures.
  • the 3 courses:
    • mushroom bouillon with vegetable dots.
    • marmered egg in a nest of potato, spinach and  bean sprouts
    • a small flower arrangement: a puff bread with a “bouquet” of marinated/roasted vegetables and baba ganoush
  • the recipes.
    • we are translating the recipes from dutch into english. as soon as the english version is available we will upload the pdf file here.

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