portfolio: eating special blooming II

kick-start, 1st dish of eating special blooming

during the easter weekend 2016 we created the 4 days only eat special blooming II.

in our first eat’inspiration blooming we explored the various types of growth. in this second exploration we focussed on the different stages of growth.

life, and therefore growth, starts with a seed, a bulb, an egg, an idea and after some time -if the conditions are right- there is a beautiful plant, tree, animal or human in full glory.

blooming or flowering is one of the stages of growth. there are various types of growth, such as exponential, fractal or organic growth. besides a nutricious breeding ground also the environment determines whether something or someone can come to full bloom.

the phenomenon of growth and blooming is not limited to plants only.

also organizations, people, societies, insights, ideas, etc. develop, grow and flourish in all sorts of ways.

eating special blooming II for the easter special blooming, we randomly selected 5 aspects of growth and translated these aspects into 5 different courses (3x savourish and 2x sweetish). the sneak peek was flatbread with artichokes:

  • kick-start
  • growing up
  • economics
  • blossom
  • and rampant growth.

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