april 5th, 2016: Échappées Belles @ de culinaire werkplaats

échapées belles france 5 at de culinaire werkplaats

here an impression of Échappées Belles’s film crew in action at de culinaire werkplaats.

tuesday evening april 5th, 2016, eric welcomed the filmcrew from the french tv programme Échappées Belles as de culinaire werkplaats will be part of the report they are making/shooting about the amsterdam area.

it was a very enjoyable experience. eric explained the story of de culinaire werkplaats. and of course he prepared a tasting of 3 dishes for raphaël de casabianca, host of this tv programme, and his guest isabelle garachon.

the show will be broadcasted at france 5 on saturday evening may 14, 2016.


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