portfolio: a selection of black matters


black is one of our signatures. outside our venue we are known as ‘the people of the black food’.

as we are in the process of starting a new venture ‘The Storage Room’, an art gallery where you can experience food like art, we thought it is was an interesting idea to pick up -after more than 7 years- our black theme again.

for the eat’inspiration the new black we created a selection of ‘black matters’. and hereafter you find the most favourite 5 dishes of many others that made it to a plate.

    • black star: our personal tribute to david bowie.
    • the black list: we shared our blacklist with our guests.  in our first exhibition ‘beyond black’ at our new project space we will reveal in a non edible way our blacklist;
    • black tuesday; the wallstreet crash in 1929 inspired us to this creation. a history teacher that dined at our venue durning this eat’inspiration explained that we had the wrong day. it should be ‘black thursday’. however, we learned that this crash was a big process that emcompassed several days. and our black tuesday was about the final ending, and black thursday was all about the beginning of this process.
    • colourful black: with this dish we try to share what we have learned from our first theme ‘black’. black is not 1-dimensional, it is very colourful.
    • black pearls: these are scarce. and we discovered there are many black commodities that are scarce. scarcity & black were the input for our dish.

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