portfolio: open source software meets vincent van gogh

after-party github


github san francisco invited us to design and execute a food art concept. this project is without any doubt one of our most favourite projects of the first half year 2016.

the brief.

  • what: create an unconventional f & b concept
  • occasion: the after-party of the github satellite 2016 event
  • venue: van gogh museum amsterdam
  • commissioner: github
  • main sponsor: ibm
  • expected guests: approx. 350
  • theme: the satellite event was all about open source software

the result. 

  • we created a f & b concept in which open source software developement and vincent van gogh would meet.
  • for the food part we designed and built 3 interactive food art installations: a potato installation, a landscape of 6,5 meters, and a installation of “breakables”. the installations were a reflection of  3 distinct features that you can distinguish in the art work of van gogh, and each installation was expressing various parallels and cross overs between the ideas and works of van gogh + open source software development.

for the execution of this concept we teamed up with famous flavours.


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