portfolio: freestyle interpretations of japanese concepts

 the eat’inspiration ‘the beauty of imperfection and more …’ 

  • is all about creating freestyle interpretations of a selection of japanese concepts,
  • and the result 7 different eating experiences.

the art of giving + gift wrapping

  • on the image an impression of one of the desserts, an interpretation of the art of giving + gift wrapping (furoshiki)
  • japan is known as a gift-giving culture. gifts are not presented only on special occasions, but also as part of a reciprocal tradition to show appreciation, to build relationships and to express courtesy.
  • it is not uncommon to give gifts of fruit in japan, as fruit is considered to be a luxury product.
  • the dessert consists of 4 layers, in the centre you’ll discover a marinated cherry, and the dessert is wrapped in edible cherry “paper”. 

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