interactive custom-made sessions for companies

many marketeers, trendwatchers, innovation & design departments, change teams, of both food and non food brands teamed up with us for all kinds of interactive sessions.

a selection of possibilities

  • inspiration sessions 
    • for example to develop new products/concepts,
    • to determine a new strategy,
    • or to re-think/re-fresh existing products/concepts.
  • demo sessionsa
    • to illustrate for instance the versatility or new applications of a particular product/brand
  • interactive presentations/lectures
    • so we can address all kinds of themes or questions like food concept design, is food fashion?, water matters, healthy sweets, architecture, the dinner plate of the future, etc. 
    • if you like, we can also create an accompanying tasting so you can experience the lecture/presentation with all your senses.
  • eat’inspiration with co-working moments.
    • a theme-based journey in 5 or 7 courses, eventually with some hands-on moments.
    • breakfast, lunch or dinner
    • a theme of your choice or our theme of the month.
    • outside opening hours only for at least 15 persons, on fridays and saturdays at least 25 persons.
  • masterclasses 
    • (food) concept design
    • conceptual cuisine
  • personal guided tour in our art space the storage room 
    • to experience food like art and with all your senses.
  • etc.

more information


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eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef