portfolio: in search of master talents

eat’inspiration dutch masters III (june-sept 2017).

  • part of our project ‘dutch icons revisited’ in which we explore using regularly changing themes: what makes the dutch dna.


  • eat’inspiration dutch masters III. 
    • most people link the concept of dutch masters to our dutch golden age painters. however, we believe that we have far more master talents in the netherlands than painters only and in different periods. so we stretched the concept.
    • for this new series of dutch masters we created 7 dishes inspired by 7 different master talents. for instance: geert jan jansen (art forger + painter), iris van herpen (fashion artist/designer), etc.


  • in the image. a classic dutch pudding (vegan version) flambĂ©. this dish is inspired by and a tribute to the project ‘where there is smoke’ by maarten baas.  

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