coming soon in our shop: spicy tulip bulbs from amsterdam with love


searching for something typical dutch or souvenir from amsterdam? in that case, our seasonal edition of spicy tulip bulbs could be the thing you are looking for.

our potted tulip bulbs have the size of silverskin onions, are organically grown and marinated in a special spice blend that refers to the VOC past of the Netherlands during the dutch golden age.

in 2017 we worked a large project ‘dutch icons revisited‘. tulips and the dutch are inextricably connected. so for this project we created a dish in which tulip bulbs are the star of the dish, and this dish was all about the story ‘how the tulip became one of the best dutch export products’.

after a tulip bulb tasting we have selected 2 out of 7 varieties of tulip bulbs especially for this dish. 

at special request of our guests we are in the process of capturing the bulbs of the smallest tulip variety in jars.

so …. in the last months we have been peeling and marinating a couple of thousands of tulip bulbs. and …. at this very moment we are awaiting for the jars to arrive. we expect that this first edition of spicy bulbs will become available in our shop at the end of december 2017 or the beginning of january 2018 . 

these tulip bulbs in a jar are a seasonal product.




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