portfolio: dutch icons revisited “the dutch + tulip bulbs”

the dutch + tulips.

in 2017 most of the eat’inspirations we created were part of a larger project ‘dutch icons revisited‘.

every 2-3 months we selected another group of dutch icons, which inspired us to all kinds of edible stories.

as “the dutch” and tulips are inextricably connected, it was therefore a MUST to have various remarkable tulip stories on the menu. 

on the image.

  • a detail of a dish in which tulip bulbs are starring.
  • we used 2 different varieties, and prepared the bulbs in various ways marinated, deep fried, a crumble and a puree.
  • the other ingredients we used: chestnut, and jerusalem artichoke.


  • by the way, a deep fried tulip bulb tastes like a chestnut.

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