a message concerning the restaurant activities of studio de culinaire werkplaats

dear all,

this august -during our summer break- I was working with my partner Eric on various ideas and events to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our design studio de culinaire werkplaats. A milestone we are very proud of.

I was in particular very much looking forward to celebrating this milestone and sharing with you all the next steps we wanted to make. 

however, during this period I was diagnosed with an incurable disease.  

consequently, Eric and I had to make some very difficult decisions. one of them is that we close the restaurant and catering activities of our design studio.
as in the coming period we would like to have more time for our personal lives and above all we want to document a decade of de culinaire werkplaats.

please check our website to see what the future will bring.

for now, I would like to thank you all for 10 years of incredibly interesting encounters. 

my warmest regards,

marjolein wintjes, also on behalf of eric meursing 
food conceptualists and initiators of studio de culinaire werkplaats.


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  1. margherita barile says:

    We spent a new year dinner 2 years ago. The menĂ¹ was it’s a matter of time and I was with my boyfriend, a meat eater :)..but for both was just Amazing! we experienced a new cuicine and a new concpet, that in Italy it’s totally differents..thank you for your Amazing work..it’s sad and difficult sometimes the life but you’re great and strong together..it’s Always a matter of time..enjoy it!

  2. admin says:

    many thanks for your kind words and your appreciation.
    marjolein & eric.

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