zij bakt emoties

images and project description of ‘she bakes emotions’.

the exhibition

marjolein has introduced a new approach on specialty bread. she bakes no daily bread;  she bakes emotions, in other words ’emotion.bread’.

hereafter you’ll find some images of the emotion breads she presented during the exhibition ‘she bakes emotions’ (july 5-12, 2009). since then she has created and bakes a great number of new emotion.breads.

emotion.bread – what’s that?

emotion.bread is bread only designed and made by marjolein in commission:
  • for the very personal moments of life. for instance the last farewell of your partner, the birth of your child, the moment children leave home for college, the moments of difficult decisions, will we marry or not, divorce, et cetera. breads for the transition moments of life.
  • and so she offers you the opportunity to share and experience the sweetish and savourish moments fully with your beloved ones.
marjolein listens to your story and starts searching for a suitable shape, taste, and ingredients, which together tell a story about this special emotional moment. she tries to capture the essence of that moment.

her collection of emotion.breads consists of

  • grieving- and last farewell breads, such as funeral breads, remembering buttons, and my child leaves home breadrings;
  • for always together breads and buns;
  • new life breads, like birth breads;
  • but also: sad breads and positive thoughts breads.
in short, marjolein introduces with the concept of emotion bread a contemporary perspective on specialty breads and thus redefines the role of bread for the sweetish and savourish moments of life.
marjolein is nominated with her grieving- and last farewell emotion.breads for the  yarden stimulans 2009, as she offers an innovative perspective on bread and mourning.

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