september 19 en 20: fresh colours

during the design event IDA 2009  de culinaire werkplaats will not only be one of the down town locations of the inside design route through Amsterdam where you come for eat’in as well as design inspirations.

but you’ll find the team of de culinaire werkplaats also in room 27 of the Lloyd Hotel, a part of the former kitchen of the LLoyd. the Lloyd hotel is the central location of this design event. in this small, but very bright kitchen we will be busy amongst other things with creating edible paper of vegetables and fruits, and baking delicious flatbreads for colourfull eat’inspirations.

what can you expect during this weekend from ‘de culinaire werkplaats’:

central location: Lloyd Hotel, amsterdam, 27, from 10.00 – 20.00 hrs

  • fresh colours eat’in advice;
  • introduction of our fresh colours ready to eat collection & groenT;
  • colourful savourish & sweetish bites, pastry and drinks ;
  • exhibition of textiles in natural colours: objects & wallpapers.
down town location:
de culinaire werkplaats, fannius scholtenstraat 10 hs, amsterdam;
open from 12.00 – 22.00 hrs.
  • enjoy our eat’in special ‘fresh colours’,  5 colourful dishes;  bookings (06 54 64 65 76)
  • introduction of our fresh colours ready to eat collection & groenT;
  • colourful savourish & sweetish bites, pastry and drinks;
  • antique textiles;
  • sales exhibition of textiles in natural colours objects & wallpapers.

for more details read further.

  • fresh colours eat’in advice: not only the furniture and setting of your home make that you feel comfortable. the colours of your interior influence the way you feel and your energy: some colours make you feel quiet, others make you feel fit or tired. and …. do you know that eating of colourful foods has a certain influence on your energy and therefore influence the way you feel? if this is news for you ………  please do come in that case for a fresh colours eat’in advice (free) to room 27 of the Lloyd Hotel;
  • introduction of our fresh colours ready to eat collection: especially for IDA 2009 we present our 1st one of a kind colourful eat’in collection. this collection is composed out of tasty pastry of colourful vegetables and fruits and a collection of  mousses to give yourself an colourful energyboost in a jiffy.
  • eat’in special fresh colours: for the real design lovers we have at our down town location a design eat’in special inspired by our central theme: 5 colourful dishes that are a treat for the eyes, and your body.

we also treat you on a different perspective on natural colours:

  • textiles for the dinnertable: antique textiles;
  • sales exhibition: at both locations objects and wallpapers created by marjolein are exhibited. these items are predominantly made out of vegetable fibers and in natural colours.

we have a small present for you, in case you visit us during this weekend on both locations. the 1st five bookings for the eat’in special receive a free passepartout for IDA 2009 (one passepartout per booking).


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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef