taste the unwearables

taste the unwearables: slide show and description.

during amsterdam international fashion week, summer 2009, de culinaire werkplaats  was one of the down town locations with their project taste the unwearables.

the designers couple marjolein wintjes and eric meursing want people to inspire to shake up their culinary lifestyle. they work on the dinnerplate of the future. they are among others known:

  • for their fresh perspective on pastry in which paper of fruits, vegetables and herbs is often used as the finishing touch,
  • and their motto food equals fashion.

the versatility of this material inspired marjolein and eric to create ‘taste the unwearables‘; a project at the cutting edge of fashion and food. taste the unwearables is an edible fashion collection which was especially designed for and during amsterdam international fashion week.

the conceptual fashion collection taste the unwearables consists mainly out of edible fashion accessories, and the grande finale was a conceptual edible wedding dress of rhubarb with flowers of milk. this wedding dress is created during amsterdam fashion week. and the process was open to the public whole week.

the  eat’ing special ‘taste the unwearables‘ consists of 5 eatinspirations inspired by the theme ‘fashion & textiles’.

the project received international attention -both  online as offline-, for example:

this project tasted for more so the couple is already working on a new collection for next fashion week in january 2010.


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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef