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slideshow and description of our project ‘fresh colours’ during inside design amsterdam 2010 at the lloyd hotel in amsterdam. inspirational theme: interior design & colour.

colours can be understood in terms of energy.

colours in your environment influence the way you feel: fit, focussed happy, down, etc.

for example: green is a colour that is often used by interior designers for rooms where people need to be calm and focussed.

also personal preferences play a part in this. some people are happy in environments with dark colours and others need light colours to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

marjolein & eric have translated this concept of colours are energy to the eat’in collections ‘fresh colours’ with which you can optimalize your personal interior, both body & mind. but … you may eat fresh colours just because they are tasty.

the eat’in collection ‘fresh colours’ consists of 5 different colour energies which we captured in jars of glass: source, larky, focus, radiant and clear.

eric’s first collection of vegetable pastry ‘fresh colours’ is based on the same perspective on colours. this pastry collection consists of  6 different tastes and natural colours. no sugar is added, so you taste the natural sweetness and savourishness of the used vegetables and fruits.

the presentation of our eat’in collection & pastry ‘fresh colours’ took place during inside design amsterdam 2009 , Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam, where we decorated room 27 with natural colours and materials. to introduce our new eat’in collection and we gave personal colour eat’in advices.

the eat’in collection and pastry ‘fresh colours’ can be ordered at de culinaire werkplaats.


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eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef