january 26, 2010: food & fashion swop’in

edible corsage

edible corsage

you -just like the rest of us- own earrings, bracelets, necklaces, purses and other accessories that you do not wear anymore, or even dislike. and you have probably received  a 100% not done brooch on boxing day.

dust them off, take ‘m with you, and come during amsterdam international fashion week to our food & fashion swop’in evening, a co-production of stoere vrouwen and de culinaire werkplaats.

the programme

18.30 hrs – food swop’in

pull a chair, meet the dinnerclub of stoere vrouwen amsterdam.
the theme of this evening: foodmiles.
how does it work??

  • you let us know you are coming;
  • you prepare at home a tasty dish of ingredients that have travelled as less miles as possible;
  • during the food swop’in we share the dishes and bites;
  • and while we are enjoying the food we will be looking for the dish with the lowest foodmileage.

by the way you can win an edible ‘cradle-to-cradle’ corsage if you join the food.mileage gam.

de culinaire werkplaats has a fully equipped kitchen, so … reheating or finalizing your dish/bite…….  everything is possible.

20.00 hrs – accessories swop’in

just like the rest of us you will have unused fashion accessories in your drawers of cabinets.

now you have the opportunity to change this situation!!! look everywhere, and bring your surplus accessories with you, swop them and go home with new frills.

sign up:

in short, leave your wallet at home, eat tasty but conscious, and go home with nice new stuff.

looking forward to meeting you.


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