16.05.2010: 1st dutch underground farmers market

the place to be sunday, may 16, 2010,  12-17 hrs: the 1st dutch underground farmers market!!

the exact location is not yet revealed.

on sunday may 16, 2010, 12-17 hrs somewhere downtown amsterdam the 1st dutch underground farmers markt takes place. about 25 microproducers will introduce us into the world of homemade delicatessen.

a tweet by marjan ippel, foodtrendwatcher, received in no time a spontaneous harvest of about 25 enthusiastic home producers. ipple offers these microproducers a missing stage for all kinds of  homemade delicatessen bursting with passion and creativity.

more info: keep an eye on the following twitter account: www.twitter.com/Talkinfood; here the location will be revealed.

eric and i will go and hope to scout some new foodtalents!!

and of course we will join this market with a brandnew underground label ‘by m.e.’  (homemade by marjolein & eric) and we bring our black favorites with us. so come and meet the blacks!


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