may 3, 2010: nominees best vegetables restaurant 2010


overheerlijke meiknolletjes uit holland

de culinaire werkplaats is very pleased to be one of the 8 nominees for the award ‘beste benelux groenterestaurant 2010’ (best vegetable restaurant 2010).

the award is an belgian initiative of The Vegetable Chef Frank Fol, restaurant guide GaultMillau, Living Tomorrow and Het Huis van de Toekomst (the house of the future).

de culinaire werkplaats is participating in this contest as we share the opinion with the initiators: vegetables deserve a more prominent place on a plate.

in october 2010, when GaultMilau presents its guide for 2011, the award winners will be announced. as we are not a restaurant in the conventional sense of the word we keep both our fingers crossed.


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