eat’in in june 2010; orange, the new black?

salade met oranje accenten

salad with orange accents

in june 2010 de culinaire werkplaats presents a very unpredictable menu (eat’inspiration) with a focus on orange.

the composition of the dishes and the ingredients we use are depending on the results of the dutch national football team during the 2010 fifa world cup south africa.  as you all know we call this team ‘orange’.

so at a certain day orange can be dominant on your plate and on a another day this can be black.

the designers couple, marjolein & eric, confess that they are no fans of football,


  • an orange-black eat’inspiration developed in commission;
  • and a conversation with our intend, dymfna winter, who is very fond of football

triggered and inspired us both to translate the theme orange-black in relation to football to an exiting eat’inspiration on your plate.

so in june we will be working with a global menu which you can find on our website at the beginning of june, but we can not predict how this eat’inspiration will develop during june 2010. that’s up to our ‘orange boys’.

the menu: orange. the new black?

the rules of the game are as usual:

  • you decide for yourself what this eat’inspiration is worth;
  • you reserve your eat’inspiration: phone +31 (0)6 54 64 65 76) or online.


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