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fotoshoot t.b.v. elle eten

photoshoot for elle eten

frame magazine, issue 75, aug-sept 2010

  • frame features an article concerning food design: bon appétit. it reviews projects of for instance edible, koshi kawachi, and martí guixé. it also shows taste the unwearables, a food=fashion project, of de culinaire werkplaats which was presented during amsterdam international fashion week juli 2009.

elle eten, augustus 2010

  • do not expect conceptual dishes from us this time! we prepared some proposals, and edine russel, editor of elle eten (dutch version of elle à table) picked the theme in which we pay a tribute to what is for us one of the most important ingredients! which ingredient that is …. you can read in the august issue of elle eten. on june 10 the photoshoot took place at de culinaire werkplaats and we spend a nice and long day with carlfried verwaayen (photographer)
the ‘colour’ black
  • is our signature. this is noticed by hanneke kamphuis and hedwig van onna who are working on an inspiring book about colours. eric and i have been spending a number of days to capture our inspirational concept ‘black’ and some of our ‘black’ eat’inspirations at their best on film for their book.
  • we had a nice conversation with jan bletz of second sight about some of the do it yourself aspects you will find when you join de culinaire werkplaats for an eat’inspiration. the next issue of second sight is all about the new DIY.

furthermore we had a pleasant conversation with one of our guests, liesbeth goedbloed, she is a journalist and writes an article about de culinaire werkplaats for the newspaper ND. we also delivered some food photos for the dutch magazine heerlijkheid which features in july 2010 as central theme ‘the new food’, and at the moodboard of the editors of the fashion magazine red is hanging one of our food=fashion proposals.


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