july 2010: second sight – do it yourself trend

cover second sight july 2010 - DIY

cover second sight july 2010 - DIY

The July issue of Second Sight, the magazine by and for trendexperts and trend-interested, focusses on a new emerging trend: DIY, do it yourself.

We had a pleasant conversation with Jan Bletz, one of chief editors of second sight, and discussed some of the DIY aspects of de culinaire werkplaats.

You can read the article overhere: learning by doing it yourself (pdf format).

dhz-zwaan bij de cuiinaire werkplaats

dhz-zwaan bij de cuiinaire werkplaats

Our motto is ‘awareness by doing’, in other words ‘learning by doing it yourself’. After our interview with Jan we had a kind of secundary reaction and discovered that we could add a huge number of DIY aspects to the earlier list. Because …. basically we do almost everything ourselves. But more about that soon.

The image in this article shows a part of the work instruction that guests receive to build one of the desserts, a diy swan. By the way this swan is not always on the menu.


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