in heerlijkheid: haute vega – the new eating

coverpage 'heerlijkheid'

coverpage 'heerlijkheid'

Marjan Ippel, always busy to spot the latest foodtrends for consumers, in informs us the Dutch magazine Heerlijkheid (nr 13; juli, aug, sept 2010) about haute vega, the food trend of this very moment.

The headline reads: “from fully principled and stodgy, vegetarianism has become an ecofabulous lifestyle nowadays. With matching haute restaurants, trendy websites and cookbooks. The new vegetarian is no longer worrying anti-meat, but happy pre-green!

The article is illustrated with images of some lovely vegetables dishes and pastry, which you can enjoy at de culinaire werkplaats. The images are made by Marjolein, one of the initiators of  de culinaire werkplaats.

The article: haute vega (pdf.format)


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