elle eten: onions – tearjerker & culinary diva

witte uien

white onions

every day eric & i use onions. we cannot imagine a life without them.  it’s impossible for us to cook without this delicious appetizer.

so we thought it’s time to showcase the versatility and colorful side of this lovely tearjerker  and …. this is what we did for the dutch culinary glossy elle eten!

foodstyling & recipes: elle eten 04-2010 -aug/sept-

we have created the following eat’inspiration for Elle Eten and turned a tearjerker into a diva on your plate:

  • marinated onions with jam of tomatoes
  • vegetables stock with jelly cubes of spring onions,
  • stew of truffle potatoes with gravy of shallots,
  • upside down tartlet of red onions,
  • and last-but-not-least shallot bonbons.

click on the following link and see the result: eat’inspiration onion  for elle eten

onion ambassadors

since this project, we have created all sorts of new dishes with onions and other members of the allium family. a family with a lot of tasty bulbs, such as shallots, garlic, and leeks. we have decided to present on a regular base members of the allium family in a stunning way.


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