ongoing project: give peas a chance

with the concept ‘give peas a chance’ de culinaire werkplaats calls for a green revolution TO GO a battle for more vegetables on your plate. it is an ongoing project with various features.

in september 2010 the first two give peas a chance projects were launched. the kick off with an army tank during the festival ‘weekend of mobile kitchens’, followed by a live performance during inside design amsterdam 2010 and de woonbeurs 2010 at the greenhouse table, a design by emiel jansen.

project 01: erwtensoep

give peas a chance kick off; warming up recruten

during the 3rd edition of the festival of mobile kitchens (september 18-19, 2010) the first project of give peas a chance was launched.

the ingredients:

  • an army tank
  • a banner
  • some recrutes
  • delicious peas soup
  • and john lennon’s  ‘give peace a chance’

did a good job! and the cold weather took care of the finishing touch. last-but-not-least, a kitchen secret: put some small pieces of apple into the peas soup for a fresh bite.

project 02: spruitgroenten

give peas a chance project 02

give peas a chance project 02

during inside design amsterdam 2010 project 02 of give peas a chance was presented, the give peas a chance cups to go are displayed at the greenhouse table, a design by emiel jansen.

emiel jansen mensen wants people to grow vegetables and fruits theirselves, and for this reason he created this very special dinnertable. de culinaire werkplaats shares a similar ambition, namely to inspire people to eat more vegetables, and fruits. furthermore both the table and the cups express the hottest foodtrend of this very moment ‘think global, eat local’.

for this 2nd project of give peas a chance the cups were filled with peas, which you can sprout by placing the cup without the lid into the windowsill and water regularly. within two weeks you can cut the sprouts and sprinkle them over a salad.

and… the give peas a chance cups to go will join the greenhouse tables to de woonbeurs 2010.


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef