26 okt 2010 winnaar ‘t gouden dienblad fairtrade@work

fairtrade@work tijdens dutch design week 2010

fairtrade@work at dutch design week 2010

we are proud to announce that on october 26, 2010  de culinaire werkplaats received another award. this time de culinaire werkplaats won het gouden dienblad (de golden tray) in the category small employers with our breakfast and lunch activities for fairtrade@work on tuesday october 26, 2010. the contest was an initiative by max havelaar. the other award winner are ah (large employers) and sodexho (contract catering).

why did de culinaire werkplaats participate de culinaire werkplaats was not able to receive dinnerguest during the fairtrade restaurant week 2010, because the conceptual installation ‘deli.wear’ of de culinaire werkplaats was selected for the dutch design week 2010.  to compensate this de culinaire werkplaats offered their guests in the 1st 3 weeks of october 2010 a fairtrade eat’inspiration  ‘spoons full of dishonesty???’ and send in an activity for fairtrade@work.

the actual fairtrade@work contribition on october 26, 2010 on this date we (eric & marjolein) and our intends are at the dutch design week presenting our project deli.wear in eindhoven. eric and i suspected that the caterer wouldn’t  do anything for fairtrade@work. so we thought it would be a good idea to offer our stagiaires a fairtrade breakfast & lunch.

as de culinaire werkplaats received the award for the best benelux vegetable restaurant 2010 on october 25 in belgium we were not able to prepare the fairtrade breakfast and lunch for our intends, so…. they had to make it theirselves of all kinds of max havelaar products, and biological and/or seasonal ingrediënts. eric and i could only enjoy the lunch as we were still in belgium in the morning.

we also made breakfast and lunchbags which we exhibited on a table in our stand, so we could inform the visitors of we the dutch design week 2010 about fairtrade@work & max havelaar.

the breakfast

de lunch

structural fairtrade products de culinaire werkplaats uses structural several fairtrade ingrediënts, such as canaan fairtrade olive oil and black olives, coffee of red beans, some of our teas, and fairtrade chocolate.


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