deli.wear at dutch design week 2010

edible 'fashion fabrics' of spinach - dutch design week 2010

deli.wear - dutch design week 2010

deli.wear: a conceptual installation + tasting of edible ‘fashion fabrics’ made from vegetables, fruits and herbs.

a project description and slideshow of project deli.wear:

deli.wear: a conceptual perspective on the future

deli.wear is a conceptual exploration, which addresses:

  • our daily food and fashion habits;
  • the plate of + for the future;
  • the materials used in fashion.

the food & eating designers marjolein wintjes & eric meursing of de culinaire werkplaats are specialized in the plate of the future, on which the meat and fish component will experience a less prominent position.

deli.wear is an installation where design questions of applied food & eating design -edible paper of vegetables, fruits and herbs for a pastry line- are translated to a forecast for the future of fashion fabrics.

deli.wear: the design questions

  • imagine your clothing is . . . your dessert;
  • imagine your clothing is . . . locally grown;
  • imagine your clothing is . . . wearing natural perfume;
  • imagine your clothing is . . . black though colourful;
  • imagine your clothing is . . . your kitchen garden;
  • imagine . . .

deli.wear: where food, fashion & sustainability meet

  • illustrates one of the designer couple’s claims: food equals fashion, what you eat and what you wear reveals who you are or want to be;
  • a call for more vegetables and fruits on your daily plate;
  • showcases the food trend of this very moment: think global, eat local;
  • alludes the vulnerability of the ecosystem. every meal consists of choices which affect people, animals and environment, this can also be said about fashion;
  • based upon the cradle-to-cradle principe: the installation is edible and is both food for thought as food for your body;
  • refers indirectly to temporality of fashion and design.

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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef