13 maart 2011: eetverhalen bij instituut idzerda – vpro

sunday evening march 13, 2011 marjolein and eric joined pieter van der wielen, host of the dutch radio programme instituut idzerda (vpro). the focus of this broadcasting was on that particular day ‘food stories’.

marjolein and eric learned for instance about the french fries addiction of a former politician ed nijpels which resulted in a booklet het grote frietenboek. also discovered the couple the secrets of ‘balkenbrij’ (or ‘karboet’, ‘tuet’ and ‘pannas’) which is a traditional dutch cuisine. and do they know that ‘mocca‘ nowadays isn’t any good, as artisanal confectioners are almost extinct.

marjolein en eric were not only in the studio to listen but also to tell about the portfolio of de culinaire werkplaats and to share some personal food details with the audience.

so explained marjolein about her ambition to inspire people to eat more vegetables,  the edible weddingdress she made out of rhubard paper, the preference for  black ingredients and the eatinspiration dutch landscapes, the sensational taste when you combine a sweet ‘bitterbal’ with a glass of riesling, and she confided that she never ever in her life will eat one of her own rabbits.

in the meantime somebody tried to bake ‘balkenbrij’ in the studio. this caused a lot of stress to avoid that the heat and the smoke would set the fire alert.

click at the link and listen to the broadcasting in dutch : slow food vs slow radio


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