natural matters: a colour & texture forecast for future fashion fabrics

in january 2011 de culinaire werkplaats was for the 4th time downtown location during amsterdam international fashion week. especially for this occasion marjolein & eric created the project ‘natural matters’ a colour & texture forecast for future fashion fabrics 2012 and beyond…

this project -just like the other fashion week projects: taste the unwearables, wear or where to eat– is a call to pay more attention to sustainability in food & fashion and exposures the vulnerability of the ecosystem.

natural matters consists of 2 activities:

the eatinspiration

consists of 5 dishes, which are an interpretation of 5 general global trends: roots, primitive raw, social hotspots, transparency & essence. first these trends are translated into 5 textures. then the dishes were created and the colours of the dished were the input for the forecast. a conceptual menu formed the link between the food & the forecast, but also offered an explanation on the base of the forecast.

an exhibition

several collages (drawings & edible fashion fabrics) were exhibit and also conceptual edible 3 D fashion fabrics made of vegetable and fruit juices.


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