the making of ….

koen de groote of lalito is writing and publishing a literary cookbook. every chapter is devoted to a novel and a matching restaurant in words and in food. so our homework for this summer was to read paralipomena orphica by harry mulish, a booklet loaded with amusing stories about death.

after the first meeting with koen, we said to him ‘count us in‘. the eat’inspiration was born in no-time. and we were looking forward to a photoshoot at a graveyard. as finishing touch the weather gods were very favorable.  at the day of the photoshoot, augustus 24, it was raining cats and dogs. and during the photoshoot the pouring rain was accompanied by some thunder and lightning.

here some images of the making of… made by rens spanjaard. the title is still a questionmark as koen keeps this a secret from us.


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eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef