4 sept 2011: ‘n ode aan de bij – op lokatie

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always wanted to know all the details about the birds and the bees? did you know for instance that bees can live without human beings, but we can not live without bees? bees fly from flower to flower, because they are very fond of its nectar. during a flower visit they get pollen on their legs and thus pollinate  the next flower they visit. in other words: bees take care of the reproduction of flowers; without bees no being. so it’s time for a tribute to the bee: i love beeing festival.

at this very moment there is an immense bee mortality, especially in the netherlands. about the cause the opinions differ. and there is also a great need for beekeepers.

so if you enjoy life and honey, or you just want to know more about the hidden talents of bees please come and join us on september 4, 2011 at the i love being festival. bee there, just like de culinaire werkplaats.

we are very pleased that de culinaire werkplaats was invited  to create a 3 course beeing eatinspiration, a tribute to the bee. the initiators of the beeing dinner are the tipping point and stichting nobel. furthermore, we’ll take some of our tasty bzzz bites with us.

the details

  • what: i love beeing festival
  • when: sunday september 4, 2011, 12.00 – 00.00 hours.
  • where: café roest amsterdam, czaar peterstraat 213, 1018 pl amsterdam
  • programme outline : 12 – 17 hrs festival with movies, debates, games, beekeepers, etc, 17.15 – 17.30 hrs a surprise and press moment, 17.30 – 19.30 beeing diner (reservations required)  20 – 00 loungen, cocktail and more movies…
  • reservations for beeing diner: it is necessary to make reservations for this beeing diner due to limited seating yvonne@stichtingnobel.nl
  • pricetag beeing diner: donate what you think is fair for the bee & the bee.ing eatinspiration.
  • full details, route and costwebsite www.ilovebeeingfestivel.nl

we hope to meet you all on september 4, 2011, at the i love beeing festival 🙂


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