4 sept 2011: ‘t beeing diner – i love beeing festival

always wanted to know more about the bees? bees go from flower to flower. due to pollination of flowers bees contribute to the fantastic vegetables, fruits and beans we find on our daily plate. furthermore, honey bees produce on top of this delicious honey.

without bees no life. so…in view of the bee mortality it is time for a tribute to the bee.

so on sunday september 4, 2011, the first  i love beeing festival took place. the initiators of this festival the tipping linkstichting nobel invited de culinaire werkplaats to create & cater the 1st beeing diner. about 60 guests enjoyed the eatinspiration ‘i love beeing’.

the beeing diner for this evening consists mainly of ingredients which would not grow if bees would become extinct. we also played with the colour combination yellow/black. the names of the dishes and the shapes referred to various aspects of the bee and it’s present situation. the used ingredients were organic.

the dishes

  • the beginning & the end, the result of hard labour,
  • confusing emotion,
  • tidy and messy,
  • attraction,
  • flower in search for bee.

the used ingredients

  • depending upon the bee strawberries, beetroot, white beans, black beans, black lentils, pink peppers, black lentils, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, quinoa, artichoke, fennel, broccoli, tomato, pomegranate, yellow carrot, apple, black berries, prunes, figues, rapeseed oil, and a little bit of honey.
  • not depending upon the bee salt, a touch of yoghurt, wheatflour, agar agar, black venere rice.

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