februari 2012: project simply red.

cocktail: pantone 032 EC: essencein the project simply red we were searching for the essence of the colour red.

blood red, cherry red, wine red, tomato red, burgundy, bright red, brick red …..

the associations and emotions evoked by the colour red range from love and fertility, warmth and joy to power, violence, danger and everything that is forbidden. in short, red is a meaningful and complex colour.

the approach.

  • simply red is a quest for the essence of red;
  • from the pantone colour system we selected 4 reds: 032 ec, 18-1631, 1795 c and 19-5420. the essence of the individual colours are translated into dishes. our aim in this project is not to find ingredients which match the choosen colour the best, but to find ingredients which capture the essence of that particular red;
  • in the colour spectrum green is opposite to the colour red. on a green background of you can showcase red at it’s best. so the colour green had to be present in this quest for the essence of red, and is represented in our project by pantone 19-5420 tpx.

the eat’inspiration


  • the dish alert is not only about the essence of alarm red, but also draws attention to both the essential work of the honeybee for life on our planet and to the bee mortality. read more about alert + honeybee.

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