june 18: national day @ world expo south korea

we are pleased to inform you that de culinaire werkplaats will be heading for south korea again for the 2nd time on june 14, 2012. together with the organization of the pavilion of the netherlands we will take care of a food experience to mark the national day of the netherlands during the world wxpo 2012 in sout korea, on june 18th.

the world expo 2012 takes place from may 12th – august 12th, 2012 in Yeosu, a beautiful city on the south coast of south korea. the central theme of this year’s expo is: the living ocean and coast: diversity of resources and sustainable activities.

the national day

  • during it’s national day the pavilion of the netherlands will get attention. besides this the organization of the pavilion will be receiving a number of special guests. in the morning there will be a delegation of about 50 invited guests from the netherlands. the pavilion director, paul chung, will be hosting a special evening for a group of fellow directors pavilion.

the food narrative waterNLand

  • with great pleasure and again in cooperation with the enthousiastic team of  dvp china eventmarketing (DVP) de culinaire werkplaats created a food narrative for the guests that visit the pavilion of the netherlands during the national day. the food experience is telling in edible form the story about water & land which the pavilion of the netherlands depicts. the pavilion visualizes with the use of contemporary media amongst others the relationship of the netherlands & water, waterworks, shipping and trade, etc. from both historical and contemporary perspective. DVP is responsible for the food & beverage and hospitality concept of’ the pavilion of the netherlands, and the shop.

previous activities

  • eat’inspirations + food items in the period prior to the world expo, we, together with the DVP team worked on the elaboration of the food concept which focuses on water and land. the result: 2 eat’inspirations waterscapes & dutch landscapes plus some food items for the shop of the pavilion of the netherlands, including apple-pie-on-a-stick, different types of spicy water ice, and gimbabs with a twist (korean sushi).
  • the catering of the food items + production is provided by a local partner: holiday inn gwangju. begin may we have made about 5 ambitious korean chefs of this hotel familiar with the dishes of both the eat’inspiration and the food items. this was a fantastic and educational experience for all parties. it was nice to see that cooking is a kind of universal language.
note: the restaurant section of de culinaire werkplaats will be closed on june 15 & 16. from june 22, you are like always more than welcome to enjoy an eatinspiration. after our trip to south korea we start the a new eat’inspiration ‘eat the city’.


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef