raw. a forecast s/2013 where food & fashion meet

eatinspiration raw, the dish unique

the 3-days only eat’inspiration RAW is a color and texture forecast for summer 2013 and beyond ….. for fashion and food visualized in 5 dishes, and especially created for the summer 2012 edition of downtown amsterdam fashion week.

RAW encompasses a number -from our perspective- important trends that are becoming visible in various domains, and which reflect the various meanings of the notion RAW. we have translated a selection of 5 different meanings of RAW to 5 dishes.

these meanings are: native, earth, unique, unfinished and last but not least naturel.  the result a color + textures outlook for food & fashion. in keywords a short explanation:


  • the trend: people/organizations are reinterpreting, redefining their relationship with nature and with their environment.
  • fashion: brightly colored large distinct ethnic and/or exotic floral patterns, use of natural materials with an airy texture.
  • food: a penchant for superfoods, and a preference for ingredients with roots in the rainforest, focus on sustainable and socially responsible food production (small-scale farming, etc.).


  • the trends: back to your roots, back to the basics, people + organizations get in touch with theirselves, getting rid of ballast.
  • fashion: simple contours, raw natural materials, earthy colors, weathered sand and red tones, natural materials embellished with stone and ceramics.
  • food: local produce, preparations with earth/clay, seasonal products, revival of traditional cooking techniques such as conservation but with modern tools, raw food.


  • the trend: artisan, craftmanship, individual items, products with a personal touch and made with attention are embraced, blood sweat & tears.
  • fashion: limited editions, substances that are unique or different nodes, transparent material so that you show who you are, light, delicate tints of nature weathered by the sun, with lots of embroidery and / or stitching.
  • food: real food instead of industrially produced food, eating is a personal matter (every body needs a personal diet, every phase in life requires a different diet), use of unique ingredients, homemade.


  • the trends: beta versions, action-reflection (learning by doing), products are never finished, people/organizations/nature develop constantly, east meets west.
  • fashion: unfinished fabrics, all kinds of threads, patterns that are not finished, bright colors and different (purple) shades of red, multi-layered.
  • food: changing eating patterns, chocolate changes from a sweet into a superfood, more focus on vegetal proteins, products that are half finished and that you can finish, iconic foods of east meets west will develop a step further,  all sorts of new types of vegetarian/vegan lifestyle instead of 100% vegetarians/vegans.


  • trend: no frills, no frills, naked, but with all modern convenience.
  • fashion: transparent fabrics, white / pale / yellowish-greenish in color, no synthetic colors.
  • food: less sweet, salty and fatty foods, pure flavors, food / drinks with not too many different ingredients, less blends and less different flavors.

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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef