portfolio: the taste of dutch design

dish inspired by the work of viktor & rolf, image by marjolein wintjes (de culinaire werkplaats)

from october 20 till november 30, 2012 we have presented the eat’inspiration design.matters?, an interpretation of 5 dutch design icons.

during the interpretation process, we not only reflected on the shapes, but also on the ideas, philosophy, oeuvre and in some cases also on concrete projects. We have tried both in form, presentation, taste, color, scent, and choice of ingredients to capture the spirit of the selected dutch design icons.

in december we will have a photoshoot to have some impressions of the 5 dishes.

the eat’inspiration:

  • the sneak preview refers to the rietveld chair by gerrit rietveld, one of the pioneers of dutch design;
  • the eat’cocktail upsidedown is a multi-layered interpretation of the characteric work of viktor & rolf. we also found inspiration in both their perfumes flower + spice bomb;
  • dutchdesign & marcel wanders are usually mentioned in one breath. the dish one minutes is inspired by his one minute sculptures, the introduction of unique pieces in the production line of industrial design;
  • white re-visited is an edible interpretation of the all-white interiors introduced by jan des bouvrie, he changed the perspective on the use of color in interior design;
  • the dish monumental skyline represents the monumental work of the architect rem koolhaas, especially his work in beijing.
  • and last-but-not-least natural, an interpretation of the work of claudy jongstra. she revisited the craft of making felt. furthermore she is managing the entire production process, paying attention to biodiversity and the preservation of cultural heritage in a contemporary way. her work integrates design, art and craft.

next edition:

  • we have more than 5 favorite dutch design icons, for instance vacant.nl of rietveld landscape. in october we started with a first selection and initially we wanted to introduce new dishes (read: new favorite dutch design icons). but …. we have decided that dutch design is such an inspiring theme, that in 2013 we will introduce a new selection of dutch design icons.

the cocktails:

  • fruit drops, alcoholic cocktail refering to the work of gijs bakker;
  • colourlab, a non-alcoholic cocktail is inspired by hella jongerius’ interest in colours.

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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef