ever considered your dress to be a dessert?


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during amsterdam fashion weekend in january 2013, we displayed in the lobby of boutique hotel JL No. 76, one of the four vondel hotels, a conceptual cradle to cradle wedding dress made of rhubarb fabric. the dress is edible and the ingredients are organic and locally produced.

this installation focusses on the relationship between food & fashion & identity. our motto is food equals fashion and this installation is an investigation of the premiss: food = fashion.

the conceptual dress is part of the project taste the unwearables revisited, one of our many projects in which food and fashion meet. it is food for thought, so to speak. the installation addresses the future of food & fashion. it’s about the concept of temporality in general and in fashion. the project is alluding simultaneously the fragility of the ecosystem.

we are still working on the installation, and also on our investigation of the question is food fashion? this installation is also work in progress, and will be presented again to the public when it is completed. the question and the project are part of the book which we are making right now.

answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • yes, we make the edible dress installation in commission;
  • it takes about a week to make a dress;
  • the dress can not be shipped, but has to be built on location.

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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef