portfolio: eating architecture #02

architecture and landscapes is one of our most favorite themes. in 2011 we have created two eat’inspirations in which architecture is the inspirational concept: eat’in architects and eat’in bauhaus. this year we have explored a new selection of architectural projects.

the created dishes are not only based upon shape and appearance of the building. also the philosophy and the concept of the architect(s) are taken into consideration in our choice of presentation, form, ingredients, taste, etc. etc.

  • monumental is an interpretation of byzantium near the vondelpark of amsterdam and  designed by rem koolhaas. the dish is a reflection on the materialization and the penthouse, originally planned to be a sky bar accessible to the public via a glass elevator.
  • storage is inspired by the first and renewed function of the maritime museum amsterdam and the beautiful glass roofing; a result of the recent and major refurbishment. initially the building is an arsenal, later it became a “storage” for dutch maritime heritage. its original design is by daniel stalpaert. the master plan of the recent renovation is the work of liesbeth van der pol. in this dish the golden and 21st century meet.
  • material is about the story of betondorp (concrete village) by dick greiner. betondorp is a neighbourhood in the east part of Amsterdam. the district is designed as a garden village and is an experiment with concrete. as after world war I red bricks are scarce and expensive and after the war period there was need for low-cost housing.
  • royal given the recent inauguration we created  a free interpretation of the royal palace at dam square. originally the 1st town hall of amsterdam designed by jacob van campen and an example of dutch classicism. in the dish regality, orange, and a juwel of a classic grain meet.
  • destination unknown. this dish refers to the award-winning project vacant.nl by rietveld landscape. this office created an installation showcasing all vacant public buildings in the netherlands and give some ideas for new functions. the project was designed for the dutch pavilion of the venice biennale. we have designed a small plan of empty spaces for our guests, and introduce some novel flavour combinations.

furthermore, we had planned to create a 24 hours eating installation at the day of the architecture (june 23, 2013), but the necessary permits were not granted. next year, new chances.


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eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef