january 4-10, 2014: moscow

black pearl, part of the eat'inspiration new luxuries

2014 starts great for us. we have received an invitation from the moscow design museum to give a lecture on food concept design and to create an eat’inspiration. so we leave for moscow on january 4th.

on january 7th we will share our views on the dinner plate of the future. this lecture will be accompanied by a small tasting.

on january 8th we will present the eat’inspiration new luxuries for a group of museum directors. the inspirational concept for both the lecture and eat’inspiration is the theme of the exhibition on dutch design: new luxuries.

in the context of the russia-netherlands year the moscow design museum organized the exhibition new luxuries: less + more in an age of austerity (november 12 – january 12, 2014 @ the manage). this exhibition is curated by the dutch label droog design and is showcasing about 40-50 dutch design objects.

all by droog design selected objects share the same concept: the future definition of luxury, when natural resources are getting scarce. during the exhibition there will be presentations by dutch designers, roundtable discussions, masterclasses for children and all kinds of other events.

new luxuries is the 1st international exhibition by the museum since the opening of 2011, and it is the 1st exhibition about dutch design in russia. the dutch embassy in moscow partnered with the museum to make this event possible.

we already had already earlier contact with the moscow design museum. a delegacy of the museum was together with a tv crew of the russian state tv in the netherlands to make a documentary about dutch design, which is part of the exhibition new luxuries. they have visited de culinaire werkplaats to shoot the eat’inspiration fashion.matters?


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef