april 20 – june 9, 2012: garden landscapes

please note: prolonged until june 9, 2012.

attention to all garden lovers and culinary adventurers! always wanted to taste a rock garden or a japanese garden? or is a shadow garden more your cup of tea? want to know more, come and enjoy the eat’inspiration garden landscapes.

from april 20, 2012 we will be inspired by a new inspirational source: garden landscapes & architecture, the 2nd eat’inspiration of the 3-part series landscapes & architecture. we selected 5 garden designs: a shadow garden, a rock garden, aroof garden, a japanese garden and a natural garden. and we translated the most eyecatching details of these gardens into foodscapes on a plate.



2 mrt – 14 april 2012: dutch landscapes

in march we start with the eat’inspiration dutch landscapes II. on the menu: an eat.cocktail moorland of drente, thereafter you’ll meet the delicate taste of dutch grasslands and the hills of limburg, followed by some urban area and the finishing touch is a culinary representation of dutch polder landscape.

from march-june  2012 we have a series of eat’inspirations on the agenda, in which landscapes and architecture are the inspirational concept, as we enjoyed this theme so much last year. meer…


march 2 – july 7, 2012: landscapes & architecture

fancy a fresh portion inspiration? in that case book an eat’inspiration at de culinaire werkplaats in the period of march 2nd – july 7th, 2012 for one of our eating specials. in this period we feature a 3 part series of eat’inspirations inspired by landscapes & architectures. we kick off with dutch landscapes. thereafter we’ll make a journey in 5 dishes through garden architecture, and last but not least you can eat some urban landscapes & architecture. during this period marjolein will create work for an exhibition on table landscapes and a report on the relation food & architecture. meer…


03-25 feb 2012: simply red.

february, valentine and warm sweater day and immediately red. crossed our minds.

blood red, cherry red, tomato red, burgundy red, brick red, ox red …… the associations of the colour red range from love and fertility, warmth and happiness, to power, violence, danger and anything what is forbidden. in short, red is a colour with many different meanings and emotions. in other words: who is afraid of red?

the various reds of the colour system pantone are the inspirational input for our eat’inspiration simply red. in 5 dishes you’ll make a journey through the meaningful world of red. you can taste the essence of pantone 032 EC red, the earthiness of pantone 18-1631 red and taste some pieces of pantone 1795 c – alert red? meer…


jan 20-28, 2012: the naturalists.

ever nibbled at a colour and texture forecast? from january 20-28, 2012, you can enjoy a one of a kind food=fashion dinnerspecial at de culinaire werkplaats. for the sixth consecutive time de culinaire werkplaats is one of the paricipating locations of the downtown programme of amsterdam fashion week. This time we proudly present the naturalists.

especially for amsterdam fashion week januari 2012 we have captured the sign of the times in a colour and texture forecast for fashion fabrics and food for 2013 and beyond. the result the naturalists. a food=fashion expedition through 5 mouth-watering trends : neo romanticism, nesting, down-to-earth, new landscapes and ethnic chic. nature revisited in a food= fashion statement and a must for culinary adventurers and fashionistas.



december 2011: surprise, surprise

do you like presents and surprises? in that case our december eat’inspiration ‘surprise! surprise!’ is a must for you. 5 typical dutch december food traditions will be revisited and presented with a huge twist. you can already have pre-taste of  2012 and work out your good intentions, dreaming about a white christmas, or pick some tasty ice flowers, and when you are very lucky you can be kissed by an angel. meer…


november 2011: spoons full of honesty III

in need of a portion honesty? in that case de culinaire werkplaats is ‘the place to be’ in november. come and experience the eat’inspiration spoons full of honesty  and meet the various flavors of  honesty. how about a coupe innocence or a piece of ‘no frills’ and check out our stolen from… dish. perhaps we do it somewhat too honest this month.

the occasion: de culinaire werkplaats is one of the participants of  puur restaurantweek (previously the fairtrade restaurantweek) from november 14 – 20, 2011. in the first week of november we also have scheduled an activity for fairtrade@work.  so we decided that the inspirational concept for november 2011 is honesty. meer…


15 aug – 24 sept 11: dutch waters

'n plas water met regen

after our summerbreak and fully inspired by a rainy july we kick off in august with one of our most favorite themes: water. we translated this theme to 5 lovely waterdishes that take you on a adventurous journey through water and food.  so you’ll have the opportunity to bite in a piece of dune water. you can learn all about the hidden but tasty talents of buoys or enjoy spoons full of a blooming pont. furthermore you’ll find two of our legendary water classics on the menu, but with a fresh twist: waterworks and swan lake. we completed the eat’inspiration with the matching cocktail wishing well and the aperitif cleopatra’s tears. meer…


a sneak preview august 2011 and beyond

during a short and cold summerbreak we have created a new and fascinating programme of eat’inspirations to showcase the hidden talents of vegetables in the coming period.

off course we will present a new perpective on a few of our favourite themes, such as water, honesty and architecture & landscapes. but some fully new concepts as the city, surprise surprise and simply red will bring some surprising and exciting dishes at your plate. and.. we are already designing a new eat.couture collection for fashion week january 2012, which is all about food & fashion textures. meer…


juli 2011: EAT.patterns, spoons full of fashion

ever tasted polka dots, knittings or other tasty fashion patterns? if not, we advice you to grab your chance and book the dinnerspecial EAT.patterns created by the designer couple marjolein wintjes and eric meursing for down town amsterdam fashion week july 2011.

experience spoons full of fashion, and … don’t forget to pop in for the exhibition eat.PATTERNS which explores the inextricable relation between eating & fashion. meer…

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