feb 14, 2014: for better or worse

on friday, february 14, 2014, we have a one day only special because of st valentine’s day. you can join us for the eating special ‘for better or worse‘, and we make you taste love and affection in 5 dishes. meer…


portfolio: eat’inspiration time flies…

the eat’inspiration time flies … (november-december 2013) is the 2nd of the 3 part series TIME, in which time is the central focus of our exploration.

time flies… in particular in 2013 time seems to be accelerating. the hours, the days, the seasons appear to fly by faster than ever before. it feels as if we started de culinaire werkplaats yesterday.  so we think it is a good moment to reflect on a number of milestones of the past 5 years. the month november and december of each year are the perfect moments to reflect. so a great opportunity to showcase some of our key milestones in 5 dishes.

but…. what are the milestones?

from our point of view not our successes, the best eat’inspirations, concepts or our best food items.  no, the key milestones are the 5 food moments and themes gave our projects a new dimension or our signatures.

so the following themes/concepts were to be found on the menu: black, food = fashion, landscapes & architecture, water, and transformation. all dishes were presented with a new twist, as time brings new insights.

by the way, ont the image the dish upside down inspired by the one of a kind perspective of the dutch fashion design couple viktor & rolf and their perfume flower bomb.


nov 08 – dec 28, 2013: eat’inspiration time flies…..

time flies….. when you are having fun!! time seems to be accelerating. the hours, the days, the seasons appear to fly by faster than ever before. so we feel it is a good moment to reflect on a number of milestones of the past 5 years.

but … what is a special moment, a milestone anyway? this question caused several interesting conversations at the dining table. finally, we have selected 5 projects that gave a new direction and a new dimension to our work:

  • black. september 2008 : an introduction to thepower of black and on our menu you’ll find one of our classics from our black collection.
  • water. august 2010 : water ballet , one of the dishes of our water menu which was awarded with the title the best benelux vegetable restaurant 2011.
  • fashion + design. july 2009 + november 2012 : our motto is food equals fashion. experience with upside down our interpretation of the idiosyncratic work of the dutch fashion designers viktor & rolf .
  • landscapes & architecture (2011): out of the many eat’inspirations about landscapes & architecture we decided on a dish from the eat’inspiration urban landscapes . a dish that showcases that the streets in amsterdam will never be same again.
  • shanghai. may 2012 ( launch event of drive to another beat, shanghai ): one of the ideas inspires us to this day. here already the main ingredients : transformation , black, red and the logo of bentley .

time flies is the 2nd eat’inspiration of the triptych TIME. in the beginning of 2014 you can experience the taste of the new luxury in the 3rd eat’inspiration sign of the times.



portfolio eat’inspiration just in time.

the eat’inspiration just in time is the first of a trilogy that explores the concept of time .

in this eat’inspiration our focus is mainly on the fact that most people experience a permanent lack of time, and that they find it hard to live in the present, and the following opinion is becoming more and more mainstream: ‘if we do not change our consumer behaviour, our planet will not last very long.’

we tried to capture the zeitgeist in 5 dishes:

  • rhythm: food structures your daily rhythm , but also your life . you have breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll experience the seasons and the milestones with food in your life .
  • t.time : we have to twitter, facebook,, we have to expose ourselves all the time, and showcase how successful we are. so for many people it is difficult to live in the present. t.time is a dish based on the japanese concept ichi-go ichi-e (one life, one meeting). in the context of a tea ceremony it is a call for reflection to experience a routine act as a unique moment. this dish was by the way a try out and a sneak peek of our first tea concept where is my t. that we launched on oct 20, 2013 @ dutch design week 2013.
  • too late ?: the pessimists among us believe it is 5 to 12 . if we do not change our consumer behaviour, it could be too late for mother earth.
  • clockwise : a contemporary view on the world and a new way of eating. various marinated vegetables + dark chocolate. discover your own favorites clockwise or the other way around and realize where your clock or the clock stands.
  • (under) pressure : sorry , but we are just like you permanently struggling with pressure and always have the feeling we are TOO busy. so we constructed (or is it deconstructed ?) a rather popular comfort dish, in this case an apple pie, and re-created it using the many possible interpretations of pressure.

portfolio: where is my t.

we presented our first autumn collection blossoming stones of WHERE IS MY T., a twistful afternoon teaconcept, on october 20 during the dutch design week 2013. we were pleasantly surprised by the enthousiastic reactions.

WHERE IS MY T. – the background

  • is the very first tea concept of de culinaire werkplaats.
  • is a twistful perspective on afternoon tea in which dutch vegetables and fruits shine.
  • is part of our research project TIME.
  • is amongst others inspired by the japanese concept ichi-go ichi-e (one time, one meeting) and japanese garden architecture. in the context of  the japanese tea ceremony ichi-go ichi-e refers to the fact that every tea ceremonie is unique, and that it’s focus is on experiencing the now/present (mindfulness). an ability that many of us have lost along the way, and many people are searching for in these complex times.

what is WHERE IS MY T.

  • it consists of mainly savoury, handmade T.bonbons and T.bites,
  • plus matching vegetable T’s.
  • every season we will present a new collection.
  • matching T.ware is in progress.
  • it is glutenfree, 95% vegetal (only 1 T.bonbon has an animal ingredient), organic, fairtrade.

further details

  • soon available at de culinaire werkplaats on saturday afternoons.
  • can be ordered as catering on location for (large) groups.
  • can be ordered and picked up at de culinaire werkplaats.
  • this tea concept will get it’s own space, at this very moment we are looking in amsterdam for a suitable spot.

impressie of WHERE IS MY T. @ the dutch design week 2013

a small impression of the launch of WHERE IS MY T. during the dutch design week 2013 at the courtyard of the inkijkmuseum eindhoven. at october 20 we have presented our 1st autumn collection: blossoming stones.

we were extremely lucky with the sunny weather, and received many visitors that enjoyed our fresh approach on afternoon tea, in which dutch vegetables and fruits are shining. they could make an selection out of 10 diffferent T.bonbons and 3 different vegetable T’s. many visitors found it hard to choose. at several moments it looked just like a candy shop, but in this case with vegetable candy.

WHERE IS MY T. is gluten free, organic, fair trade, and besides 1 T.bonbon free from animal ingredients.

we were invited by crowdyhouse, a new crowdfunding platform for design, to organize an event in their crowdyhouse for a week.


oct 17, 2013: presslaunch esse @ de culinaire werkplaats

esse organic skincare press launch 20 oct 2013 @ de culinaire werkplaats

an impression of the press introduction of esse organic skincare @ de culinaire werkplaats, oct 17 2013.  click at the link and you’ll find more details about the philosophy of esse and the dishes we created for this launch.


eat’inspiration just in time – verlengd t/m 2 nov 2013

we are just in time to let you know that you can enjoy the eat’inspiration just in time for another week. at november 1-2, 2013 you can experience for the last time the rhythm of food & eating, how you turn a routine into a unique moment, try to find an answer to the question is it too late? (dis,  experiment with a new way of eating, and at last you’ll find a classic created under pressure on your plate.

more info you’ll find here: de eetinspiratie just in time.


sept 27 – oct 31, 2013: just in time

poster of eat'inspiration just in time by de culinaire werkplaats amsterdam

(prolonged until november 2nd, 2013)

experiencing an eternal lack of time? always meeting your deadlines at the last minute? does time always trouble you, even in the kitchen?  in that case the eat’inspiration just in time is certainly a must-do for you.

food and time are linked in very many ways. time is a huge inspirational source. on friday september 27, 2013 you can enjoy the kick off of just in time, the 1st eat’inspiration of the triptych TIMEjust in time is for the both of us a personal theme. as most of the time eric starts to create the menu …. at the last minute and puts marjolein’s agenda regularly under a lot of pressure. just in time is not only a way of organizing things, but it is a social theme as well. many believe it is 5 to 12, that we are running out of time. and if we do not change it might be too late for the world.

so …. the perspective of just in time is quite interesting, and therefore it is the theme of the 1st eating experience of the 3 part series TIME. we make you taste rhythm in many different ways. the dish t.time is all about experiencing the moment, about one life-one moment. thereafter you may nibble on the question: too late?. of course we’ll put something under pressure on your dinner.plate. and last but not least we introduce to you the phenomenon of clock.wise eating.

an eat’inspiration

  • consists of 5 theme based dishes: 3 times savourish and 2 times sweetish. every eat’inspiration is preceded by a sneak preview: flatbread with a topping that reveals something of the eat’inspiration.

the practical details meer…


eat.patterns s/2014

apple & cinnamonthe project. eat.patterns s/2014 is a color and texture forecast for s/2014 and beyond … in which food and fashion trends meet. a 2 days only installation, created especially for the summer edition of amsterdam fashion weekend. the forecast is visualized by 5 fashion fabrics of fruit and vegetables. the patterns of the edible fashion fabrics are reflections on five global trends that are more and more visible in the various domains.

the selected trends. in progress, transparent, origin, blend, and last-but-not-least basic.

the approach. the five selected global trends are translated into five dishes. the created fabrics on display are an interpretation in color and texture of those dishes.

food equals fashion. food and fashion are connected in many ways. this project highlights that food & fashion are developed from basic needs to lifestyle reflecting the contours of the zeitgeist. the installation eat.patterns s/2014 is not only a forecast for fashion & food, but it connects food and fashion with identity. the project also addresses the vulnerability of the eco system.

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