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eating experience bubble house

commissioned by shell we created an interactive morning eating experience for a group of international ceo’s who were participating in a conference about design & innovation.

the experience started with a presentation about the design & innovation strategies of shell, and various strategies in general.

thereafter marjolein introduced studio de culinaire werkplaats and the way here materials, techniques, etc. are explored in the quest of finding new tastes, new textures, new food pairings and new ways of eating.

for this morning session the inspirational source was dutch design. we selected the following 5 dutch design projects as inspirational source for the various eating experiences:

  • viktor & rolf: project zen garden
  • atelier nl: projects drawn from clay and fundamentals
  • jongeriuslab: coloured vases #3
  • dus architects: projects bubble building + 3d printed canal house
  • raaaf: vacant.nl

the session was closed with lessons learned.


tv series on dutch design

on october 18th, 2014, a series of four films on dutch design premiered at tv channel culture. the documentary is created by the moscow design museum together with “museum” company and tv channel culture.

the following 4 episodes were broadcasted at tv culture:

  • traditions and modernity
  • experiment in design
  • design for society and government
  • design and the environment

showcasing the leading museums and design studios in amsterdam, the hague and eindhoven, and interviews with irma boom, maarten baas, kiki & joost, jurgen bey, marcel wanders, daan roosegaarde, iris van herpen and many others.

studio de culinaire werkplaats was part in this project.
you’ll find a report about our work at the end of the 3rd video  ‘design for society and government’  at 21:37 minutes.

earlier in 2014 marjolein and eric were invited by the moscow design museum for a lecture on the new luxuries of the dinner plate of the future and to present their eat’inspiration sign of the times (taste the new luxuries in 5 courses) which they especially created for this occasion and was presented to a selected group of museum directors and journalists.


dutch masters & master pieces

no-fingerprints by de culinaire werkplaats

in search of excellence is the 2nd eat’inspiration of our project ‘dutch icons revisited‘. on the image: no fingerprints.

no fingerprints is a tribute to a the dutch master burglar Aage Meinesz (aage m.), well known in the 70ties for his well prepared bank robberies using a thermal lance. at the end he was caught, but managed to escape. and… to this day the world is figuring out how he managed to do this.

the eat’inspiration ‘in search of excellence’ is the 2nd eat’inspiration of our project ‘dutch icons revisited‘.

the inspirational theme ‘dutch masters’ was triggered by our project during museums at night amsterdam at the van gogh museum.
the notion ‘master’ refers for us to all kinds of talents, skills and types of excellence. so for this eat’inspiration we selected 5 different expertises.
so for this eat’inspiration we selected 5 different dutch master talents. the eat’inspiration starts with an eat’cocktail inspired by a dutch master burglar, aage m. the other masters we addressed: rembrandt van rijn (painter), rem koolhaas (architecture), iris van herpen (fashion design), marcel wanders (product design).

90 minutes of frame #2: all the senses

Making of – De Culinaire Werkplaats from Frame Publishers on Vimeo.

ninety minutes of frame #2

  • february 13, 2014, the 2nd edition of ninety minutes of frame took place at pakhuis de zwijger, amsterdam.
  • the theme of this 2nd edition is all the senses.
  • 90 minutes of frame is ‘n live event and initiative by frame publishers.

de line up:

  • keynote speaker sissel tolaas, (scent specialist), florian richter (soundscape designer). claim to fame by jorge mañes rubio, and we presented a selection of our portfolio during the final item of this evening: the making of, and we had a small tasting for the audience.
  • last but not least: moderator jeroen junte, design & architecture critic.

raw. a forecast s/2013 where food & fashion meet

eatinspiration raw, the dish unique

the 3-days only eat’inspiration RAW is a color and texture forecast for summer 2013 and beyond ….. for fashion and food visualized in 5 dishes, and especially created for the summer 2012 edition of downtown amsterdam fashion week.

RAW encompasses a number -from our perspective- important trends that are becoming visible in various domains, and which reflect the various meanings of the notion RAW. we have translated a selection of 5 different meanings of RAW to 5 dishes.

these meanings are: native, earth, unique, unfinished and last but not least naturel.  the result a color + textures outlook for food & fashion. in keywords a short explanation: meer…


12-13-14 juli 2012: raw. where food & fashion meet.

take a bite of RAW. an unparalleled food = fashion forecast s/2013 and beyond… in 5 dishes. by the way, RAW is not synonymous with raw food or raw vegetables. but what do we dish up instead?

the main ingredients of RAW are roughness/unfinished, essence, reflection, trial-error, transparancy, , artisan, basic, roots, naturel, sweat & love, and unique/only copy.

at this very moment people and organizations are in the middle of re-inventing their relationship with nature, with their social environment and with themselves. we visualize this re-interpretation process and trend with the concept of RAW.

we have translated the most striking features of RAW to 5 dishes for you. the result: a color and texture forecast for  food & fashion S/2013 and beyond … which can only be experienced by eating.

it is already the 7th time that we created a culinary adventure for the downtown programme of amsterdam fashion week.



juni 2011: eating architects

ever tasted 5 architects?  how about a gerrit rietveld or a jan duiker on your dinnerplate? the food & eating designers marjolein wintjes & eric meursing have translated 5 architects into an eat’inspiration of 5 dishes using one of their prominent designs.

since march this year marjolein and eric have been creating a 4 parts series of menus around the inspirational theme landscapes & architecture. a theme they both enjoyed very, very much. in march the series started with dutch landscapes, in april guests experienced bauhaus on the dinnerplate, and in may they presented their interpretation of urban landscapes. the grand finale will be in june with the eat’inspiration eat’in architects. meer…


15.06.2011: colour hunting

colour hunting: how colour influences what we buy, make and feel.

for millennia, artists and designers have utilized colour to express ideas and emotions in everything from the frescoes and textiles of ancient civilizations to the haute couture and digitally created architecture of today. colour plays a vital rol in our visual experiences and affects senses such as feel and taste, but it also shapes our actions subconsciously.

colour hunting, frame publishers, explores the very depths of the subject and is available at de culinaire werkplaats. price: € 49,90

the chapter ‘black stories’ reveals the gastronomic perspectives from de culinaire werkplaats.


deli.wear at dutch design week 2010

edible 'fashion fabrics' of spinach - dutch design week 2010

deli.wear - dutch design week 2010

deli.wear: a conceptual installation + tasting of edible ‘fashion fabrics’ made from vegetables, fruits and herbs.

a project description and slideshow of project deli.wear: meer…


september 19 en 20: fresh colours

during the design event IDA 2009  de culinaire werkplaats will not only be one of the down town locations of the inside design route through Amsterdam where you come for eat’in as well as design inspirations.

but you’ll find the team of de culinaire werkplaats also in room 27 of the Lloyd Hotel, a part of the former kitchen of the LLoyd. the Lloyd hotel is the central location of this design event. in this small, but very bright kitchen we will be busy amongst other things with creating edible paper of vegetables and fruits, and baking delicious flatbreads for colourfull eat’inspirations.

what can you expect during this weekend from ‘de culinaire werkplaats’: meer…

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