22-30 jan 2011: spoons full of fashion

in the last week of january 2011  you can enjoy the latest food=fashion project of de culinaire werkplaats: natural matters, a fresh approach on colors & textures.

especially for downtown amsterdam fashion week the designer’s couple marjolein wintjes & eric meursing will be presenting a conceptual food & fashion eating special and exhibition, which is guided by their motto food equals fashion. meer…


natural matters: a colour & texture forecast for future fashion fabrics

in january 2011 de culinaire werkplaats was for the 4th time downtown location during amsterdam international fashion week. especially for this occasion marjolein & eric created the project ‘natural matters’ a colour & texture forecast for future fashion fabrics 2012 and beyond…

this project -just like the other fashion week projects: taste the unwearables, wear or where to eat– is a call to pay more attention to sustainability in food & fashion and exposures the vulnerability of the ecosystem.

natural matters consists of 2 activities: meer…


nov tot 19 dec 2010: ‘n portie eetbare herinneringen

eating connects people, eating is emotion, food and eating are a portion of edible memories  and by eating we create new memories. in november 2010 de culinaire werkplaats focusses on memories. during this month you can enjoy several 5 course eat.inspirations and an exhibition of emotion.bread.



5 nov 2010 eetspecial a walk down ecofabulous lane…..

You’re walking, you smell the scent of apple pie, and suddenly you picture yourself sitting at the kitchen table in your mothers kitchen. . .

The relationship between food and memories is the inspirational theme for an exclusive co-production between Lisette Kreischer, author of the cookbook to Ecofabulous cooking in all seasons, and de culinaire werkplaats, design studio, restaurant and concept store for fresh eat’inspirations.

On November 5, 2010 de culinaire werkplaats in Amsterdam serves the eetinspiratie ‘walk down a lane ecofabulous. Meet Lisette Kreischer, and taste her edible memories. meer…


oct 20, 2010: dinner guest eating special

in october is our inspirational theme ‘honest & fair trade’. we translated various meanings of honesty into the eat’inspiration spoons full of (dis)honesty??? with the taste of palestine.

we present not only the various meanings of honesty and fair trade in edible form. on october 20, 2010 you can also join us for an eat’inspiration and an discussion about the relation honest and fair trade with a very special dinner guest, michiel korthals.



october 2010: spoons full of (dis)honesty???

to be honest with you, the concept of honesty and food have a special relationship. this we have translated into the eat’inspiration spoons full of (dis)honesty??? meer…


in september: eat’inspecial the tides

water is crucial. we are water, we drink water and eat water, we prepare food with water, without water we can not live, one moment we have too much of it, and the other moment there’s by no means enough.
in our latest eat’inspiration ebb & flood we play with the issue of abundance and scarcity of water. on the menu you’ll find interpretations of low water, water & fire, head above water, etc. and you can enjoy a glass of heartbreak



11 t/m 26.09.2010 the mouth watering taste of noord-holland

during the harvest week of noord-holland and the dutch week of taste the delicious produce of the northern part of holland will make your mouth water…..

on our menu: black carrots, red onions, green beans, honey, red tomatoes, sheep’s yoghurt, milk, butter, summer fruits, parsnips, shallots, and much more… all growing in the northern part of holland and amongst other ingredients prepared with tap water from amsterdam. meer…


elle eten: onions – tearjerker & culinary diva

witte uien

white onions

every day eric & i use onions. we cannot imagine a life without them.  it’s impossible for us to cook without this delicious appetizer.

so we thought it’s time to showcase the versatility and colorful side of this lovely tearjerker  and …. this is what we did for the dutch culinary glossy elle eten! meer…


amsterdam fashion week: lichting 2010 (class of …)

considering our motto food = fashion de culinaire werkplaats received a very special group of guests during DownTown Amsterdam International Fashion Week: lichting 2010.

lichting 2010

lichting 2010


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