januari 2012: the naturalists. @ amsterdam fashion week


during amsterdam fashion week january 2012 de culinaire werkplaats presented the project ‘the naturalists.’ a colour and texture forecast for fashion fabrics 2013 and beyond. hereafter the project description (approach, eat’inspiration & exhibition).

the project the naturalists. meer…


nov tot 19 dec 2010: ‘n portie eetbare herinneringen

eating connects people, eating is emotion, food and eating are a portion of edible memories  and by eating we create new memories. in november 2010 de culinaire werkplaats focusses on memories. during this month you can enjoy several 5 course eat.inspirations and an exhibition of emotion.bread.



edible wedding dress of rhubarb fabric

edible rhubarb wedding dress

the image is showcasing an edible wedding gown made of rhubarb fabric and some flowers of milk.

food = fashion.

  • for many years and for many reasons our motto is food equals fashion.
  • this is the main reason why we create fashion inspired eat’inspirations and edible installations during amsterdam fashion week. sometimes we are inspired by mondial or fashion trends, on other moments we like to create the works of dutch fashion designers to an edible shape.

taste the unwearables.

  • our material consists mainly out of edible ingredients and products.
  • in our work we try to avoid food waste as much as possible, amongst others we also pay attention to food miles, seasons, animal welfare and health.
  • and… one day marjolein opened her wardrobe and realized there was a clear example of fashion waste hanging in front of her, namely her wedding gown. an expensive dress for just 1 one day.
  • this observation resulted in the launch of our first food = fashion project ‘taste the unwearables’ at amsterdam fashion week juni 2009.
  • taste the unwearables is a conceptual line of edible clothing and accessories of which the above pictured wedding dress of rhubarb fabric is part.
  • this work questions the temporality of fashion and clothing, and re-thinking the concept of wedding dresses in particular, while alluding the fragility of the ecosystem.
  • at the same time it is a call for eating more vegetables and fruits through showcasing the beauty of rhubarb, and by introducing a new texture and way of eating.


  • the edible wedding dress can be ordered for events (min. 2-3 weeks in advance).
  • and it can be made in various flavours.

the development of the vegetable & fruit fabrics. 

  • since 2002 we are busy with food experiments, with in search for new ways of eating, and new types of patisserie, namely vegetable pastry, bon bons, and candy without synthetic colouring & flavours, without loads of sugar and butter.
  • so we started in 2002 -at home- to create the first pieces of vegetable and fruit fabrics.
  • in the second half of 2008 we opened the doors of studio de culinaire werkplaats and in juli 2009 during amsterdam fashion week we picked up the fabric making process.
  • for amsterdam fashion week january 2013 we have created a re-make of the edible wedding gown of rhubarb.
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