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natural matters: a colour & texture forecast for future fashion fabrics

in january 2011 de culinaire werkplaats was for the 4th time downtown location during amsterdam international fashion week. especially for this occasion marjolein & eric created the project ‘natural matters’ a colour & texture forecast for future fashion fabrics 2012 and beyond…

this project -just like the other fashion week projects: taste the unwearables, wear or where to eat– is a call to pay more attention to sustainability in food & fashion and exposures the vulnerability of the ecosystem.

natural matters consists of 2 activities: meer…


27 nov 2010: tasty colours at vitaverto block party

tasty colours de culinaire werkplaats will be presenting tasty colours during the 3rd part of the vitavertofestival: the vitaverto block party, utrechtsestraat, amsterdam, on saturday november 27, 2010 from 13.00 – 17.00 uur.

tasty colours is a festive and tasty call for eating as much colourful vegetables and fruits as possible as a tribute to biodiversity.

vitaverto festival is a party in 3 parts which celebrates biodiversity. diversity of everything that is alive. from the smallest seeds tot the largest animal. diversity is what makes the world beautiful, magical and liveable. meer…


deli.wear at dutch design week 2010

edible 'fashion fabrics' of spinach - dutch design week 2010

deli.wear - dutch design week 2010

deli.wear: a conceptual installation + tasting of edible ‘fashion fabrics’ made from vegetables, fruits and herbs.

a project description and slideshow of project deli.wear: meer…


deli.wear at dutch design week 2010

de culinaire werkplaats presents at the dutch design week 2010:


an titillating installation & tasting of edible ‘fashion fabrics’ made from vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

The food & eating designers Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing of de culinaire werkplaats are specialized in the plate of the future, on which the meat and fish component experience a less prominent position.

With their conceptual and applied food & eating designs the design couple wants to inspire people to shake up their culinary lifestyle.

The installation deli.wear illustrates one of their claims, namely food equals fashion, and can be experienced with all your senses. meer…


oct 11, 2010: food4you

on food professional day, october 11, de culinaire werkplaats will present the plate of + for the future, an installation + tasting. food professional day is a new element of the food4you festival. meer…


give peas a chance!!!; a fresh green revolution to go

shake up your culinary lifestyle!! meet us at the weekend of the mobile kitchens.

de culinaire werkplaats participates for the 3rd time and this time you will meet our recrutes, annouka en dymfna, and join our green revolution for more vegetables on your plate this weekend!!!

come and meet them for a delicious portion of ‘give peas a chance!!!’

in other words, a fresh green revolution to go, that will bring you and your taste buds in motion.

some practical details meer…


in the mood for a tasty conversation?

you know a lot about food? are you a culinary creative at home? or do you have a lot of questions about your culinary lifestyle?  or are you looking for a healthy portion of eat’inspirations?

… meet me on september 19, 2010, at the fabulous food festival, have a tasty conversation and win an eat’inspiration for 2 at de culinaire werkplaats.



kleurrijke toekomst

proef de kleurrijke toekomst

taste the colourful future

october 11, 2010 during food professional day, part of the food4you festival, de culinaire werkplaats has presented  a possible approach on the plate of + for the future with:

  • an installation of edible paper of fruits, vegetables, and herbs;
  • 7 colours of vegetable and fruits spreads;
  • dessert bonbons: black rice in handmade strawberry paper.

according to marjolein wintjes and eric meursing vegetables, fruits and specialty grains will be starring at the plate of + for the future. to eat varied means to eat as many as different colours of fruits and vegetables.

in other word, we are facing a colourful future. 
de culinaire werkplaats has created in 2009 the concept of fresh colours, in which colours are interpreted as energy that influence your well being. during food professional day de culinaire werkplaats presented some new tastes and introduced two new colours.

ongoing project: give peas a chance

with the concept ‘give peas a chance’ de culinaire werkplaats calls for a green revolution TO GO a battle for more vegetables on your plate. it is an ongoing project with various features. meer…

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