august 2010: from mouth watering & waterbombs

have you ever eaten waterworks, or discovered a portion of water ballet on your plate? always wanted to know how a water lily tastes? or are you in for a coupe water & fire? and have you by any chance been drinking cleopatra’s tears? not yet … now is your chance!!!! meer…


wear or where to eat…

after their successful debut ‘taste the unwearables’, followed by ‘tasty textiles’ de culinaire werkplaats participated for the 3rd time as downtown location of amsterdam international fashion week in juli 2010. especially for this occasion the designers couple marjolein wintjes and eric meursing created a conceptual edible fashion collection inspired by the theme ‘wear or where to eat…’.  in this 3rd collection food, fashion and sustainability meet at various levels. meer…


july 2010: global fashion meets local food

from july 10 till 18, 2010, de culinaire werkplaats is for the 3rd time one of the participants of downtown amsterdam international fashion week.

since their successful debut taste the unwearables followed by the more conceptual tasty textiles the design couple marjolein wintjes & eric meursing present already their 3rd edible and sustainable collection: wear or where to eat. in this new collection food & fashion meet again.

wear or where to eat is an eat’inspiration on the cross section of fashion and food & eating design. this 3rd food=fashion collection is a tribute to:



eat’in in june 2010; orange, the new black?

salade met oranje accenten

salad with orange accents

in june 2010 de culinaire werkplaats presents a very unpredictable menu (eat’inspiration) with a focus on orange.

the composition of the dishes and the ingredients we use are depending on the results of the dutch national football team during the 2010 fifa world cup south africa.  as you all know we call this team ‘orange’. meer…


may 30, 2010: (m)eat black at ‘de pure markt’

eat'inspiration black

eatinspiration black

Sunday, May 30, 2010 it’s The Day of The Park. So… de culinaire werkplaats can be found with a black market eat’inspiration at de Pure Markt in park Frankendael, an ecological park in Amsterdam, Watergraafsmeer. meer…


16.05.2010: 1st dutch underground farmers market

the place to be sunday, may 16, 2010,  12-17 hrs: the 1st dutch underground farmers market!! meer…


de pure markt

logo pure markt

logo pure markt

at april 25, 2010 de culinaire werkplaats will be working on location. . .

we are one of the participants of  DE PURE MARKT. this food market is situated in park frankendael, east part of amsterdam, from 11.00 – 18.00 hrs. it’s a food market in a beautiful park, where you can enjoy good eat’in & drink’in. you’ll find the stalls at ‘de slingerpad’.

we’ll take all sorts of flour with us and make pasta dough. and YOU are INVITED to make some pasta for yourself. we also bring with us some pasta sauces with a twist.

looking forward to meeting you!!!


21.04.2010: TWOTY award 2010 – see spaces

Sorry, this entry is only available in nl.


17 april – 09 may, 2010 – spring is in the air

the occasion: the sowing week 2010 of northern holland

please meet the taste of the northern part of holland.


  • april 17 – may 9, 2010
  • because we think 1 week is too short for all these tasty local produce.


  • by phone (06 54 64 65 76),
  • or online


march 20 & 21, 2010: 20 party bites

in the weekend of march 20-21, 2010 is is party time in district westerpark, come over and celebrate 20 years westerpark.

you can enjoy party bites that reflect the sweetish and savourish moments of 20 years of westerpark at de culinaire werkplaats during this weekend.

we have for example tough nuts to crack, art.bites, but also social, sustainable and multicultural dishe and of course …. the awarded bitterballs  (turnip, carrot-orange and apple).

you can choose from 20 different snacks/dishes. these party bites cost between € 1 – € 4,50 per bite/dish.

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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef