20 nov 2012: futurefood #4 is food fashion?

conceptual edible wedding dress of rhubarb + flowers of milk by marjolein wintjes, de culinaire werkplaats, project taste the unwearables, aifw july 2009

on november 20th the 4th edition of futurefood is being held. this time the event focusses on the question is food fashion?

besides kathy moerdijk (vinites), menno post (soon executive chef restaurant de bokkedoorns), onno kleyn (culinary columnist volkskrant), katja gruijters (food designer) marjolein and eric are invited to present our perspective on this issue.

do you want to be present? please note the discussion and presentations will be in the dutch language. if this is no problem please send an email to the organization: info@dekroonophetwerk.nl or visit www.futurefood.biz


14-15-16 sept 2012: dinner.talks @ smaakexplosies

during the 4th edition of smaakexplosies, a cultural & culinary festival, we worked on project dinner.talks.

usually we chat quite a lot as we dine, we improve the world, we discuss the highlights of the day, share intimacies, and if dinner tastes really delicious we even swap recipes and cooking tips. but … often we are so noisy while we’re eating that the stories of you dinner most of the time are lost … so we thought it’s time to work on some dinner.talks, two interactive installations: black + colourful dinner.talks.

black dinner.talks meer…


sept: dinner.talks @ smaakexplosies

hush ………… if you are very gently and listen very carefully, you might hear what your dinner is telling you.

usually we are talking away while we are eating, we improve the world, we discuss the highlights of the day, we share intimacies, and if dinner tastes really nice we even swap recipes and cooking tips. but…. often we are so noisy while we are eating that the stories of your dinner most of the time are lost… so now it’s  time for some dinner.talks.

as you can see in the picture, de culinaire werkplaats got again a very, very nice space at this year’s smaakexplosies (cultural and culinary festival taste explosions). here you will find the stories that your dinner tells. at certain moments there will be some temporary dinner.talks with guests.

and you can participate as well, as you can contribute with your yesterday’s dinner to the installation, which marjolein will built together with the visitors during the festival. the installation will be reflecting the dinner.talks of the festival visitors.

you can visit dinner.talks a co-production by de culinaire werkplaats and sanna rosendahl during the festival smaakexplosies on: fri sept 14 from 16 – 19 hrs plus sat sept 15 and sun sept 16: 11 – 18 rs.

by the way, our restaurantsection in amsterdam is open on sept 14 & 15, though with adjusted opening hours. friday sept 14 and saturday sept 15 we have reservations from 19 – 22 hrs.

practical details of the festival smaakexplosies meer…


raw. a forecast s/2013 where food & fashion meet

eatinspiration raw, the dish unique

the 3-days only eat’inspiration RAW is a color and texture forecast for summer 2013 and beyond ….. for fashion and food visualized in 5 dishes, and especially created for the summer 2012 edition of downtown amsterdam fashion week.

RAW encompasses a number -from our perspective- important trends that are becoming visible in various domains, and which reflect the various meanings of the notion RAW. we have translated a selection of 5 different meanings of RAW to 5 dishes.

these meanings are: native, earth, unique, unfinished and last but not least naturel.  the result a color + textures outlook for food & fashion. in keywords a short explanation: meer…


14-15-16 sept: smaakexplosies 2012 – a sneak preview

on a very, very hot day in july, eric and i went to the hembrug area in zaandam, near amsterdam, a former military and ammunition site. we were curious to find out which building the team of smaakexplosies had in mind for us this year.
just like, in 2009, we were struck again by the mysterious and inspiring environment where this festival is located. et voilà, see above the building for our contribution this year. a week ago jiske walstra, one of the two festival organizers, gave us a sneak preview by e-mail, but it didn’t match the real thing. in reality, the building is breathtaking.

taste explosions 2012: ‘the story of taste’

smaakexplosies is a festival with & about food, exciting food, stimulating food, healthy eating, eating with humor and edible art. but ………there is much more than food only ……..
you can also enjoy music, street theater, art, workshops, listen to tasty stories, look into the kitchen of various museums from northern holland and discover the very special environment and setting.
the 2012, and fourth edition of smaakexplosies takes place at the hembrug area of zaandam on september 14, 15 & 16. this year’s theme is ‘the story of taste’

our contribution

in 2009, the contribution of de culinaire werkplaats was ‘zijbakt.instilte’ (she bakes in silence), an exhibition of emotion.bread, breads with a personal story about emotional moments in life. right now we are working on this year’s contribution, which we will announce soon.

drive to a different beat

drive to a different beat, an event hosted by bentley in shanghai (june 2012). the keywords of the overall event concept, developed and executed by dvp china eventmarketing (dvp), are:

  • the colours dragon red + black
  • transformation,
  • and drive to another beat.

together with dvp de culinaire werkplaats created a catering concept based upon these keywords. so all the canapés, the welcome drink and cocktails communicate individually the 4 main aspects of the event.

credit image: paul ridderhof.


nov 14 – 20, 2011: puur restaurant week

from november 14-20, 2011 it’s the puur restaurant week (previous known as the fair trade restaurant week). you can enjoy an honest and delicious diner at hundreds of restaurants throughout the netherlands. at the participating restaurants you can order a ‘pure menu’, which focusses on organic, fairtrade ingredients and sustainable fish.

de culinaire werkplaats is again one of the participants, where you can enjoy a delicious and honest eatexperience. especially for this occasion we have created the eat’inspiration spoons full of honesty, a story about honesty in 5 dishes. meer…


31 okt – 4 nov 2011: fairtrade@work

for the 2nd time  de culinaire werkplaats is one of the participants of  fairtrade@work week (oct 31- nov 4, 2011) . we will organize a special activity to promote the use of fairtrade products at work (company restaurants/canteens). meer…


19 okt, 2011: pechakucha night amsterdam #19

at a very cold october evening in roest amsterdam marjolein & eric have presented one of their ideas at pechakucha night amsterdam #19 bound by the world famous rule: 20 slides of 20 seconds each for 6 min and 40 secs of fame.

marjolein & eric presented: the last farewell of today’s dinnerplate: meet the blacks.

  • they start with a poem, a longlist of a great number of black vegetal ingredients to illustrate that the dinnerplate of the future doesn’t have to be anything but empty. and they wanted to share the idea that by eating dark/black veggies and fruits you all can contribute to a colourful future.

the other presenters of this inspiring evening:


26 sept 2011: opening nationale kookstudioweek

the theme of de nationale kookstudioweek 2011 is vegetables and fruits.

de culinaire werkplaats welcomes the choice of this theme. during this event you can take workshop minis in which vegetables and fruits are leading at a great number of cooking schools.

although the nationale kookstudioweek starts at september 24, the opening will be on monday 26 september at de culinaire werkplaats.  this ceremony is for invitees only.

on the program: meer…

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