may 24 – june 29, 2013: taste dutch architecture

flyer vitelotte noir in the shape of eye museum

are you interested in architecture or design? in that case our eat’inspiration eating architects is a must for you. you can do amsterdam in 5 dishes.

we offer you the opportunity to have a bite of one of the recently renovated amsterdam museums and experience the golden age meeting the 21st century, and what do you think of a portion of the royal palace of amsterdam on your dinnerplate? or do you prefer more modern monumental design like the byzantium next to the vondelpark designed by rem koolhaas? or are you more interested in expermental materialization? then you’ll like our interpretation of betondorp, an amsterdam neighbourhood known for its white concrete. or is ‘destiny unknown’ our interpretation of a very special and awarded project by rietveld landscape, an amsterdam based studio, more your cup of tea?

for the eatinspiration eating architects we have selected 5 projects, mainly situated in amsterdam, or the project is from amsterdam based architects. we try to capture the interpretation of the philosopy of the architect and the project in 5 dishes.

the practical details meer…


portfolio: blooming

vrije impressie van 't gerechtje bloei.

after a long, dark and cold period we thought it was time for some spring in the air. so …. we sowed various beans and peas. their enthusiastic growth inspired us to explore the concept of growth and so the eatinspiration blooming saw the light.

you can distinquish various types of growth. most people think in terms of quantitative growth only, like exponential growth. but … growth can also refer to intrinsic growth or to the rhythm of growth, like organic growth. furthermore, growth refers to a number of phases.

to come to full bloom you need a nutricious breeding soil. but also the time and context to determine whether someone or something may come to its full potential. the phenomenon of growth and prosperity is not limited to plants. also organizations, people, societies, insights, ideas, etc. develop, grow and prosper in all kinds of ways.

we have randomly selected 5 types of growth. these five different types of growth we have explored and translated into ingredients, preparation, form, etc. our selected growth modes are: rampant growth, circle, blooming, crystallizing, and symbiosis.

by the way, the photo does not represent a dish from the eat’inspiration blooming, but is a free impression by marjolein after exploring the concept of blooming.


eetinspiratie family.matters

eetinspiratie family matters voor produktieteam c1000 kookboek.

commissioned by ammerlaan styling & produkties we have created for the production team of the c1000 family cookbook an eat’inspiration inspired by family life & sharing and eating moments.

this resulted in a ‘joined breakfast’ as a sneak preview, followed by 5 courses in which amongst others the do-it-together and/or d-i-y aspect was present: celebrating new year’s eve, camping, gifts wrapping in & out , gaming, and last but not least having some ice fun. in other words: 5 fun things you can do as a family.


fairtrade treats

on november 3, 2012, max havelaar organized a fair trade bloggers event. the kick off of this event took place at de culinaire werkplaats. especially for this occassion and the coffee/tea moment we created 3 sweet treats with fresh fair trade ingredients:

  • ananas croquettes with a dip of coconut;
  • marinated apple with a topping of avocado foam and caviar of applejuice;
  • wontons with a filling of dark chocolate and coffee with a dip of tahini.

this is already the 3rd time we host with pleasure an event of max havelaar.


3 nov 2012: fair trade bloggers event

november 3, 2012, de culinaire werkplaats will be the start location of the fairtrade bloggers event organized by max havelaar in the context of de fairtrade week 2012.

what’s on the programme:

the kick off  is at de culinaire werkplaats. the participants have a quick introduction round and reveal their most favorite fair trade product/ingredient. thereafter judith verkuil (max havelaar) reveals the programme and jochem veerman (max havelaar) has a presentation about the what, the how and the why of  fair trade. max havelaar showcases a great number of products and ingrediënts which carry the fair trade label.

eric meursing (de culinaire werkplaats) has created three fair trade dishes out of fresh fair trade ingredients, so the bloggers can also meet some fresh fair trade produce. the dishes are: ananas ‘bitterball’with a coconut dip, marinated apple with foam of avocado and caviar of applejuice, and last but not least wontons with a filling of dark chocolate and a sauce of tahini and coffee. see our portfolio for images of the dishes.

hereafter the group hops on their bikes for the workshop ‘the dutch weedburger’ by lisette kreischer and mark kulsdom at another location in amsterdam. this is followed by a workshop cooking with tea by kasia vermaire, kyonne leyser and edwin sander. and the day will end with mixing cocktails and mocktails by samuel levi.


12-13-14 juli 2012: raw. where food & fashion meet.

take a bite of RAW. an unparalleled food = fashion forecast s/2013 and beyond… in 5 dishes. by the way, RAW is not synonymous with raw food or raw vegetables. but what do we dish up instead?

the main ingredients of RAW are roughness/unfinished, essence, reflection, trial-error, transparancy, , artisan, basic, roots, naturel, sweat & love, and unique/only copy.

at this very moment people and organizations are in the middle of re-inventing their relationship with nature, with their social environment and with themselves. we visualize this re-interpretation process and trend with the concept of RAW.

we have translated the most striking features of RAW to 5 dishes for you. the result: a color and texture forecast for  food & fashion S/2013 and beyond … which can only be experienced by eating.

it is already the 7th time that we created a culinary adventure for the downtown programme of amsterdam fashion week.



22 juni 2012: eat the city!

city slickers please note! on june 22 we start with the last eat’inspiration from the 3-part series landscapes & architecture.  after the eat’inspirations dutch & garden landscapes a selection of 5 urban landscapes highlights the menu.

you can nibble on a foot scape, legally have some bites out of a guerilla garden and experience the taste of a disposal spot. a recent visit to shanghai has inspired us to an interpretation of a metropolitan skyline and last but not least you’ll find a street corner on your dish. meer…


what’s on the menu?

new luxuries

we explore inspirational concepts in our search for new tastes, textures, food pairings or new ways of eating & drinking. we translate themes to so-called eat’inspirations.

eat’inspirations are edible stories of regularly changing inspirational themes, like black, time, or emotions.

at this moment we offer three types of eat’inspiration

  • REGULAR eat’inspiration
    • 5 edible stories
    • 3 times savourish, and 2 times sweetish
    • preceded by a sneak peak, a bite or bread with a topping that reveals something of the theme
    • € 47,50 per person
    • from august 2018: € 49,50 per person
  • POSH eat’inspiration
    • 7 edible stories
    • 4 times savourish, and 3 times sweetish
    • preceded by a sneak peak, a bite or bread with a topping that reveals something of the theme
    • € 67,50 per person
    • bookable at least 1 day in advance.
  • VIP or UBER POSH eat’inspiration
    • 7 edible stories
    • 4 times savourish + 3 times sweetish
    • preceded by
      • a theme-based welcome cocktail
      • flatbread with a dip
    • spoom
    • a personal tour in our art space for food art + design ‘The Storage Room’ incl. several experiences.
    • and a small booklet or another surprise
    • € 97,50 per person
    • bookable at least 1 day in advance.

indication of our themes for 2018

  • dec 01, 2017 – jan 14, 2018
    • eat’inspiration typical dutchexperience some iconic dutch matters and habits together with the typical dutch flavours of the holiday season.
  • jan 18 – march 18, 2018
    • eat’inspiration fake or real? in this eat’inspiration we explore the thin line between pure, real and fake.
  • march 22 – may 27, 2018
    • eat’inspiration flower powerexperience the special relationship we dutch have with flowers.
  • june – july 2018
    • eat’inspiration rising sun. a tribute to the works and life of vincent van gogh.
  • aug – sept 2018
    • eat’inspiration golden age. during this eat’inspiration we present some highlights of amsterdam during the dutch golden age.
  • oct – nov 2018
    • eat’inspiration ‘retro revisited’. we take you on a “retro with a contemporary twist” tour.
  • dec 2018 – jan 2019
    • eat’inspiration sign of the time. experience the new, future luxuries.

eating specials 2018 – all 5 courses.

  • may 13, 2018: 
    • 1 day only eating special: say it with …. flowers? 
  • december 24-25-26, 2018:
    • xmas eating special home alone? this dinner special highlights a selection of some iconic xmas movies.
  • december 31, 2018: 
    • new year’s eve special – a one night only. experience some trending topics of 2018, and … 

food wishes

  • please do inform us about any dietary restrictions when you make your reservation preferably 1 or 2 days in advance. when you have several food allergies preferably 7 days in advance.

choice of ingredients, products and suppliers

  • besides taste and inspirational theme at least 2 of the following criteria also provide for our choice of ingredients, products and suppliers: animal welfare, small-scale or organic farming, fair trade, direct trade, season, distance, and personal health.

jan 23, 2012: press breakfast mint @ de modefabriek – a report

on january 23, 2012, the alarm went off rather early for the team of de culinaire werkplaats. on the agenda a breakfast catering for the press on the occasion of the launch of MINT, a fresh platform at the established tradeshow de modefabriek, location: rai amsterdam.

we presented a fashion forward eat’inspiration  -like always- of 5 dishes in which mint is leading in various ways and in which food & fashion meet. on the menu: coupe wake up, green meets black, spicy black, fresh black, and it’s after eight. click here of the menu of the mint breakfast eat’inspiration @ de modefabriek in pfd format.

MINT is an initiative of marieke eyskoot (talkingdress) and willa stoutenbeek (w green + this platform offers space to about 20 eco fashion and/or lifestyle brands, a real fresh spot for inspiration. meer…


10 nov 2011: launch chocomania – the body shop

on november 10, 2011 the body shop launched ‘chocomania’  to the dutch press.  chocomania is a collection of body products varying from  body scrub to shampoo in which fair trade chocolate is the main ingrediënt.

de culinaire werkplaats hosted the event and made especially for the launch 5 noshes and nibbles.

starting point for these bites are the textures of the various products, and all the edible ingrediënts used in chocomania, such as sesame seeds, olives, coconut, and off course dark chocolate as the leading character.

an installation illustrated that chocolate consists of an enormous amount of components, over 800, such as vitamins, minerals, all kinds of antioxidants, etc.

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