apr 12 – may 18, 2013: blooming, explore growth in 5 dishes.

spring is in the air, and very slowly nature is coming alive again. the eat’inspiration blooming is an exploration of the different aspects of growth in 5 dishes.

it starts with a seed, a bulb, a root and after some time -if the conditions are right- there is a beautiful plant or tree in full glory. blooming or flowering is one of the stages of growth. there are various types of growth, such as exponential growth or organic growth. besides a nutricious breeding ground also the environment determines whether someone or something can come to full bloom. the phenomenon of growth and blooming is not limited to plants only. also organizations, people, societies, insights, ideas, etc. develop, grow and flourish in all sorts of ways.

for the eat’inspiration blooming, we randomly selected different aspects of growth and translated these aspects into 5 different dishes (3x savourisch and 2x sweetish). so you can taste a symbiosis, come to full bloom, experience the difference between crystal growth, circle growth, and rampant growth.

an eat’inspiration or eat’special

always consists of 5 dishes: an eat.cocktail, 2x savourish, 2x sweetish, and is preceded by a sneak preview, a dish that reveals something about the eat’inspiration.

the practical details

  • the menu. click on the following link for the menu of eat’inspiration blooming (in pdf format);
  • matching cocktail. black pearls (alcoholic), and aperitif. rose petals (non alcoholic);
  • period. april 12-13-19-20-26-27 and may 03-04-10-11-17-18, 2013
  • opening.hours. 18.30-22.00 hrs. outside opening hours only open by appointment for groups of at least 15 persons;
    reservations required. to avoid disappointments (limited seatings), by phone +31 (0)6 54 64 65 76 of by e-mail info@deculinairewerkplaats.nl;
  • the pricetag. decide afterwards what a fair price is for the eating experience at de culinaire werkplaats.

food problems/whishes

inform us about any dietary restrictions when you book your eat’in experience. it is a challenge for us to prepare something very, very special and inspirational for you.

choice of ingredients

besides taste and inspirational concept at least 2 of the following criteria also provide for our choice of ingredients, products, and suppliers:  animal welfare, small-scale or organic farming, fair trade, direct trade, season, distance, and personal health.


march 8-apr 6, 2013: water, the new champagne?

water is often taken for granted, but is actually very special. water is also closely associated with the issue of scarcity and abundance. excess of water and water shortage are the inspirational perspective for the eat’inspirations water, the new champagne? a culinary adventure in 5 mouth watering dishes.

what kind of dishes will you find on your plate: a waterbomb as a sneak preview, followed by waterworks, low tide and a waterballet. we also have a piece of desert and a portion climate change. for the finishing touch we have completed this eat’inspiration with the matching cocktail “wishing well” and an aperitif “the tears of cleopatra”.

by the way, for de culinaire werkplaats water has a special meaning. in 2010 we were awarded the title best benelux vegetable restaurant 2011 with ‘n dinnerspecial of 5 water dishes, and last year we were commissioned to create 5 different waterscapes for the dutch pavilion of the world expo in south korea.

in our jubilee year we like to pay once again special attention to water being one of our most favourite inspirational concepts. march 22 it is world water day. the netherlands is hosting the international celebration of world water day. so march ideally suits for the eat’inspiration water, the new champagne. besides an eat’inspiration, we will be working in march on some small installations about water.

the practical details meer…


project red revisited

in these turbulent days there is the new romanticism in the air. and this is what the eat’inspiration red revisited. is all about. but also valentine’s day, warm sweaters’ day, and the need for some warmth at the end of the winter season delivered a lot of input for some new creations.

we have transformed the warm, loving, passionate, lively, romantic and exciting side of the colour red into 5 dishes. the eat’inspiration starts with a red carpet experience, a dish in which we connected the 2 different meanings of the notion red carpet. this dish was followed by a date with the lady in red, we played with matches to create the dish light my fire. hereafter we plated up a dangerous liaison, a dangerous but romantic taste combination for adults only, and we finished with a healthy blush. meer…


feb 14 – mrt 2, 2013: eet.inspiratie red revisited

ever wanted to know what it is like when the red carpet is laid out especially for you? no ….? in that case grab your chance and book the eat’inspiration red revisited.

we’ll have the warm, loving, passionate, lively, romantic and exciting side of the colour red transformed into 5 dishes. after the red carpet experience, you’ll have a date with a lady in red. thereafter we let you play with fire, and give a healthy blush. last but not least we plate up a dangerous, but romantic combination.

an eatinspiration inspired by the new romanticism which is in the air in these turbulent days, valentine’s day, warm sweaters’ day in the netherlands, and the need for  warmth at the end of the winter season.

please note: open on february 14, 2013 for valentine.


oct 20 – nov 30, 2012: the taste of dutch design

are you into dutch design? then you may not miss the eat’inspiration design.matters? !!! at the end of october it’s again dutch design week, a week with a focus on the widely acclaimed dutch design in all kinds of sizes and shapes. this prompted us to search for five dutch design icons as input for design.matters?; an eat’inspiration which is a tribute to dutch design in 5 dishes. meer…


fairtrade treats

on november 3, 2012, max havelaar organized a fair trade bloggers event. the kick off of this event took place at de culinaire werkplaats. especially for this occassion and the coffee/tea moment we created 3 sweet treats with fresh fair trade ingredients:

  • ananas croquettes with a dip of coconut;
  • marinated apple with a topping of avocado foam and caviar of applejuice;
  • wontons with a filling of dark chocolate and coffee with a dip of tahini.

this is already the 3rd time we host with pleasure an event of max havelaar.


3 nov 2012: fair trade bloggers event

november 3, 2012, de culinaire werkplaats will be the start location of the fairtrade bloggers event organized by max havelaar in the context of de fairtrade week 2012.

what’s on the programme:

the kick off  is at de culinaire werkplaats. the participants have a quick introduction round and reveal their most favorite fair trade product/ingredient. thereafter judith verkuil (max havelaar) reveals the programme and jochem veerman (max havelaar) has a presentation about the what, the how and the why of  fair trade. max havelaar showcases a great number of products and ingrediënts which carry the fair trade label.

eric meursing (de culinaire werkplaats) has created three fair trade dishes out of fresh fair trade ingredients, so the bloggers can also meet some fresh fair trade produce. the dishes are: ananas ‘bitterball’with a coconut dip, marinated apple with foam of avocado and caviar of applejuice, and last but not least wontons with a filling of dark chocolate and a sauce of tahini and coffee. see our portfolio for images of the dishes.

hereafter the group hops on their bikes for the workshop ‘the dutch weedburger’ by lisette kreischer and mark kulsdom at another location in amsterdam. this is followed by a workshop cooking with tea by kasia vermaire, kyonne leyser and edwin sander. and the day will end with mixing cocktails and mocktails by samuel levi.


7 sept t/m 13 okt 2012: a postcard from shanghai

with the food narrative ‘a postcard from shanghai‘ we want to share with you in 5 dishes the most striking impressions of our visit to both shanghai and south korea earlier this year.

in may 2012 we’ve been for two projects to south korea and  a couple of days to shanghai. 24 hours a day you hear car horns in shanghai, the city a so huge that even taxi drivers get lost. shanghai is an incredibly dynamic city, a city that seems tireless and never sleeps. everywhere you look there is laundry hanging outside to dry, everywhere you stumble over stray mops, pedestrians & cyclists are sharing the sidewalk, it’s an incredible experience.

the huge range of contrasts combined with the dynamics of shanghai, and add to this combination the cheerfulness of the chinese, all these ingredients of shanghai have touched us. indeed, marjolein is still homesick for shanghai.

what kind of postcards and stories you can expect on your dinnerplate? for example, you get a postcard of mr & mrs bund and we surprise you with our interpretation of the signature dish of this restaurant, another postcard illustrates the special flavours of’ moganshan reserve,  you also get to know a man who is calling in front of his home dressed in his bright blue pj’s, and we send you a typical urban landscape on a plate representing the colourful laundry of shanghai.

as a sneak preview a small photo impression can be found at our facebook: photoalbum shanghai, photoalbum south korea meer…


12-13-14 juli 2012: raw. where food & fashion meet.

take a bite of RAW. an unparalleled food = fashion forecast s/2013 and beyond… in 5 dishes. by the way, RAW is not synonymous with raw food or raw vegetables. but what do we dish up instead?

the main ingredients of RAW are roughness/unfinished, essence, reflection, trial-error, transparancy, , artisan, basic, roots, naturel, sweat & love, and unique/only copy.

at this very moment people and organizations are in the middle of re-inventing their relationship with nature, with their social environment and with themselves. we visualize this re-interpretation process and trend with the concept of RAW.

we have translated the most striking features of RAW to 5 dishes for you. the result: a color and texture forecast for  food & fashion S/2013 and beyond … which can only be experienced by eating.

it is already the 7th time that we created a culinary adventure for the downtown programme of amsterdam fashion week.



april 20 – june 9, 2012: garden landscapes

please note: prolonged until june 9, 2012.

attention to all garden lovers and culinary adventurers! always wanted to taste a rock garden or a japanese garden? or is a shadow garden more your cup of tea? want to know more, come and enjoy the eat’inspiration garden landscapes.

from april 20, 2012 we will be inspired by a new inspirational source: garden landscapes & architecture, the 2nd eat’inspiration of the 3-part series landscapes & architecture. we selected 5 garden designs: a shadow garden, a rock garden, aroof garden, a japanese garden and a natural garden. and we translated the most eyecatching details of these gardens into foodscapes on a plate.


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