what’s on the menu?

new luxuries

we explore inspirational concepts in our search for new tastes, textures, food pairings or new ways of eating & drinking. we translate themes to so-called eat’inspirations.

eat’inspirations are edible stories of regularly changing inspirational themes, like black, time, or emotions.

at this moment we offer three types of eat’inspiration

  • REGULAR eat’inspiration
    • 5 edible stories
    • 3 times savourish, and 2 times sweetish
    • preceded by a sneak peak, a bite or bread with a topping that reveals something of the theme
    • € 47,50 per person
    • from august 2018: € 49,50 per person
  • POSH eat’inspiration
    • 7 edible stories
    • 4 times savourish, and 3 times sweetish
    • preceded by a sneak peak, a bite or bread with a topping that reveals something of the theme
    • € 67,50 per person
    • bookable at least 1 day in advance.
  • VIP or UBER POSH eat’inspiration
    • 7 edible stories
    • 4 times savourish + 3 times sweetish
    • preceded by
      • a theme-based welcome cocktail
      • flatbread with a dip
    • spoom
    • a personal tour in our art space for food art + design ‘The Storage Room’ incl. several experiences.
    • and a small booklet or another surprise
    • € 97,50 per person
    • bookable at least 1 day in advance.

indication of our themes for 2018

  • dec 01, 2017 – jan 14, 2018
    • eat’inspiration typical dutchexperience some iconic dutch matters and habits together with the typical dutch flavours of the holiday season.
  • jan 18 – march 18, 2018
    • eat’inspiration fake or real? in this eat’inspiration we explore the thin line between pure, real and fake.
  • march 22 – may 27, 2018
    • eat’inspiration flower powerexperience the special relationship we dutch have with flowers.
  • june – july 2018
    • eat’inspiration rising sun. a tribute to the works and life of vincent van gogh.
  • aug – sept 2018
    • eat’inspiration golden age. during this eat’inspiration we present some highlights of amsterdam during the dutch golden age.
  • oct – nov 2018
    • eat’inspiration ‘retro revisited’. we take you on a “retro with a contemporary twist” tour.
  • dec 2018 – jan 2019
    • eat’inspiration sign of the time. experience the new, future luxuries.

eating specials 2018 – all 5 courses.

  • may 13, 2018: 
    • 1 day only eating special: say it with …. flowers? 
  • december 24-25-26, 2018:
    • xmas eating special home alone? this dinner special highlights a selection of some iconic xmas movies.
  • december 31, 2018: 
    • new year’s eve special – a one night only. experience some trending topics of 2018, and … 

food wishes

  • please do inform us about any dietary restrictions when you make your reservation preferably 1 or 2 days in advance. when you have several food allergies preferably 7 days in advance.

choice of ingredients, products and suppliers

  • besides taste and inspirational theme at least 2 of the following criteria also provide for our choice of ingredients, products and suppliers: animal welfare, small-scale or organic farming, fair trade, direct trade, season, distance, and personal health.

april 2012: saturday afternoon.treats

do you want to visit de culinaire werkplaats, but you do not have enough time for our 5 course eat’inspiration dutch landscapes? grab your chance to change this.

every saturday afternoon  in april you can enjoy our saturday afternoon treats, typical dutch icons with a twist, this time with a pricetag, as some of our guest do not like the ??,?? pricetags of our eat’inspirations.

saturday afternoon.treats meer…


2 mrt – 14 april 2012: dutch landscapes

in march we start with the eat’inspiration dutch landscapes II. on the menu: an eat.cocktail moorland of drente, thereafter you’ll meet the delicate taste of dutch grasslands and the hills of limburg, followed by some urban area and the finishing touch is a culinary representation of dutch polder landscape.

from march-june  2012 we have a series of eat’inspirations on the agenda, in which landscapes and architecture are the inspirational concept, as we enjoyed this theme so much last year. meer…


jan 20-28, 2012: the naturalists.

ever nibbled at a colour and texture forecast? from january 20-28, 2012, you can enjoy a one of a kind food=fashion dinnerspecial at de culinaire werkplaats. for the sixth consecutive time de culinaire werkplaats is one of the paricipating locations of the downtown programme of amsterdam fashion week. This time we proudly present the naturalists.

especially for amsterdam fashion week januari 2012 we have captured the sign of the times in a colour and texture forecast for fashion fabrics and food for 2013 and beyond. the result the naturalists. a food=fashion expedition through 5 mouth-watering trends : neo romanticism, nesting, down-to-earth, new landscapes and ethnic chic. nature revisited in a food= fashion statement and a must for culinary adventurers and fashionistas.



december 2011: surprise, surprise

do you like presents and surprises? in that case our december eat’inspiration ‘surprise! surprise!’ is a must for you. 5 typical dutch december food traditions will be revisited and presented with a huge twist. you can already have pre-taste of  2012 and work out your good intentions, dreaming about a white christmas, or pick some tasty ice flowers, and when you are very lucky you can be kissed by an angel. meer…


10 nov 2011: launch chocomania – the body shop

on november 10, 2011 the body shop launched ‘chocomania’  to the dutch press.  chocomania is a collection of body products varying from  body scrub to shampoo in which fair trade chocolate is the main ingrediënt.

de culinaire werkplaats hosted the event and made especially for the launch 5 noshes and nibbles.

starting point for these bites are the textures of the various products, and all the edible ingrediënts used in chocomania, such as sesame seeds, olives, coconut, and off course dark chocolate as the leading character.

an installation illustrated that chocolate consists of an enormous amount of components, over 800, such as vitamins, minerals, all kinds of antioxidants, etc.


november 2011: spoons full of honesty III

in need of a portion honesty? in that case de culinaire werkplaats is ‘the place to be’ in november. come and experience the eat’inspiration spoons full of honesty  and meet the various flavors of  honesty. how about a coupe innocence or a piece of ‘no frills’ and check out our stolen from… dish. perhaps we do it somewhat too honest this month.

the occasion: de culinaire werkplaats is one of the participants of  puur restaurantweek (previously the fairtrade restaurantweek) from november 14 – 20, 2011. in the first week of november we also have scheduled an activity for fairtrade@work.  so we decided that the inspirational concept for november 2011 is honesty. meer…


wedstrijd: (h)eerlijke smaken

'n knollentuin

we hear very often people say that they can taste that certain ingredients are organic or not

with respect to our november theme ‘honest’ our guests can not only enjoy our eat’inspiration spoons full of honesty. we offer from november 11 – 26, 2011 every guest the opportunity to participate  in a blind tasting of vegetables and fruits.

we are extremely interested who can taste the best (non) organic ingredients, the (non) fair trade ingredients or regional products.

the results and the winner will be announced at the end of november 2011.  the winner receives an eat’inspiration for 2. meer…


nov 14 – 20, 2011: puur restaurant week

from november 14-20, 2011 it’s the puur restaurant week (previous known as the fair trade restaurant week). you can enjoy an honest and delicious diner at hundreds of restaurants throughout the netherlands. at the participating restaurants you can order a ‘pure menu’, which focusses on organic, fairtrade ingredients and sustainable fish.

de culinaire werkplaats is again one of the participants, where you can enjoy a delicious and honest eatexperience. especially for this occasion we have created the eat’inspiration spoons full of honesty, a story about honesty in 5 dishes. meer…


31 okt – 4 nov 2011: fairtrade@work

for the 2nd time  de culinaire werkplaats is one of the participants of  fairtrade@work week (oct 31- nov 4, 2011) . we will organize a special activity to promote the use of fairtrade products at work (company restaurants/canteens). meer…

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